Sunday, August 20, 2017

SEA Games Opening Ceremony #kualalumpur2017

After having lunch at Akasia, Kak Yanti, Azie and I have to go back home and get ready for the SEA Games Opening Ceremony. Azie gave me two complimentary tickets few days back and it looks something like this...

The ticket is pretty. I'm keeping this as bookmark :)

Since my husband is busy with his animation training, I have to offer it to someone else who is available on that date. I asked Nana if she is free and she's excited too! We took MRT from TTDI and switch to LRT at Plaza Rakyat, and then straight to Bukit Jalil.

My first MRT experience! 

Hakok's family on their way...

When we arrive at Bukit Jalil, oh my... There are so many human beings here!!! (screams)

Insane right?

Us and Magik! Didn't know that he's a volunteer here :D

It's hot in here! It's not because they look fine... It really is hot...

Nana and I queued at the Entrance B line. The line is insanely long and if you are not comfortable standing, sweating and waiting, please don't come. Hahahahaha! Well, but I'm used to this so I have patience even though I'm a little exhausted after the 15km run earlier today.

Ellysha is going back because of the rain... Buhbye...

Around 630, suddenly it rains! Everyone panicked out and the line is gone. Luckily Nana and I brought our own umbrella and we immediately dashed to the entrance. We finally managed to get in and get a decent seat. Feuh! (Advice: It is ALWAYS a good idea to have a disposable raincoat or an umbrella)

This is the first time ever I enter the Bukit Jalil National Stadium. The stage is enormous (if you notice, it was actually the shape of the logo) and everything is white. I assume there will be a splendid light works projection on the white surface. This reminds me of Jennifer Lopez Feel the Light performance on American Idol.

 I feel so tiny here!

Lemme tell you something here... In the sea of human beings in the stadium, and you bumped into a familiar friend... This is what we call "jodoh" or you may call it miracle

Before the ceremony start, there are few hidden performances by the National Army and few Malaysian celebrities. Pak Nil is here to sing the happy Hoore Hoore song. The performance is fun, but it will be a lot better if the lyric is projected on screen. I think everyone is excited and wants to sing along too.

Just right after Maghrib, there is a light check and here comes the countdown for the ceremony. Woohoo!

Never have I ever felt so proud singing Negaraku in my life. The most symbolic Negaraku moment in my life is during convocation. But nothing can ever compare to this atmosphere. Probably because of the stadium, probably because of the crowd, maybe it's because of the lights, but overall, it's just amazing. Kudos to the National Army Brass Band team for such wonderful music.

One of the most anticipated performance, I think everyone wants to to see Dayang Nurfaizah on stage. Personally I think the music arrangement for Bangkit Bersama tonight sounds so much better than what I hear in Youtube. Love her voice, her outfit, and the headgear is EVERYTHING! Did anyone realize that the word "Bangkit" is the it word this millennia?

Then, here comes the dance with the cultural background, the colours and again, the lights are amazing. I live for this moment! Hmm what else I love about this... Oh, I'm super impressed with the torch passing ceremony, I did not expect that it would be that awesome! I almost cried (again) when they played the montage and the appearance of the legendary athletes.

For those who have missed the opening ceremony, you may watch in on Youtube. But it was not as great as the real event itself.


I have a confession to make... The coolest thing I ever witnessed in my life so far is the World of Colours in Disney California Adventure Park. But tonight, I dare to say that Kuala Lumpur 2017 SEA Games has topped that off. If you want to know the man behind this whole historic event, you may click here.

To be perfectly honest, all in all, I'm blown away with everything. I'm very blessed to have the opportunity to experience this. Much thanks for the complementary tickets Azie. I'm in for the closing ceremony :)

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Kuala Lumpur 2017 Sea Games: Marathon :)

I've been to concert, gigs, poetry reading, convocation, orchestra, etc. But sadly I never had a chance to attend any sports events. I couldn't feel luckier to have the opportunity to witness the Kuala Lumpur SEA Games 2017. Before the 15km flag off, Kak Yanti, Azie and I was so excited to see the marathon runners doing the loop around Putrajaya. Trust me, we almost decided not to run because we want to cheer for Malaysia so badly!

Thanks for sharing this moment with me Kak Yanti! Love you very strong mak! Hahahaha ;)

Let's just skip the details about the 15km run and focus on the SEA Games. Kak Yanti is A LOT faster than me, she waited at the finishing line, right in front of the stage. FYI, Kak Yanti is an athlete in school (and still is to this day). Sports is definitely one of her passion and she knows everything about current issues in Malaysian sports, specifically on running.

While waiting, there's a female marathoner walking towards the finishing line. Everyone cheered for her and as she's getting closer, she cried. I kid you not, I cried too when I saw her wiping off her tears. It's a mixed feelings. I have a huge feeling that she might be injured or something. Logically, NO ONE had an opportunity like this will ever let their country down for no reason.

Don't feel bad girl, you tried your best and we are proud of you :)

I don't think she reads my blog but I know exactly how it feels. I can imagine how hard she has been practicing, going through strenuous training and preparation to be qualified for SEA Games. Not everyone is going to have a happy ending in sports. But she tried her best and she should be proud of herself. Held your head up high girl and keep on running and improving :)

After the last runner arrived, they began to prepare for the victory ceremony. I love the choices of songs they played during this event. The best crowd ever and  the vibe is surreal. We sing our heart out while waiting for the ceremony to start. For some reason, everyone knows how to sing Roar by Katy Perry, Gemuruh by Faizal Tahir and Standing in the Eyes of The World by Ella. Surprisingly everyone remembers the lyric by heart. I love this moment :)

The Gold medal belongs to Singapore, Silver to Indonesia and Bronze to Malaysia. Woohoo! Congratulations to all!

When they raise the flags and played the Singapore national anthem "Majulah Singapura" and in all of a sudden my feelings go haywire and I cried (again). Sounds stupid, it's not even Malaysia kan? But to me, this is a historic moment. From the bottom of my heart, I'm really proud of them.

Our very own Malaysian runner, Muhaizar happily smiles and waving to his supporters! Wee!

With (some of the) Team Proton Runners! Yeay!

To be perfectly honest, being there and witness it right in front of you eyes is not even close as what you watch on television. Seeing this gives me chill. It makes me proud of being Malaysian. If had a chance (rezeki) to attend some other sporting events, I would definitely love to do this again. #NegarakuMalaysia #MalaysiaBoleh #KL2017 #RisingTogether #BangkitBersama #SEAGames2017 #TPR #TeamPROTONRunners #Proton #itsinthedrive

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