Wednesday, July 19, 2017

July Runners Birthday Illustration :)

Mr. Azlan personally called and invited me to come over to his house (again) before Syawal ends. It's going to be a small but special group of makan-makan gathering. We don't do pot luck this time, and no more special Sarawak cuisine, huhuhu...

But as always, the TPR Drama Queens planning to do a July birthday celebration. FYI, I'm very aware that none of the TPR is actually reading my blog, so I have the guts to spoil the birthday celebration here. Wiwiwiwi...

After inking... I love how Hanna turn out! And I love the meow (^__^)

Nett texted me and asked me to prepare the caricature of the July runners. They are Dayah, Zamir and Kak Yanti. I was thinking to draw Dayah with her daughter Ellysha, Kak Yanti with Hanna and Zamir with a cat. Meow :3

After marker. I love the colour! 

So here is the final illustration and I didn't really expect that it would look this cute. Hahahaha, sorry terpuji diri sendiri plak :p

I have to go to bed now, it's getting late. I hope they gonna love this. Goodnight everyone :)

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