Saturday, June 17, 2017

Iftar Surprise Preparation

After much discussion on how to create a TPR Raya wishes, we finally have agreed with the idea to create a short 1minute video wishes from the TPR members.

Mr. Azlan asked me to create some fun pantun and it goes something like this :D

Pizza ada, laksa Sarawak pun ada
Kalori mask berjuta-juta
Habislah diet sepanjang puasa
Siapa suruh makan tak ingat dunia?

Selepas terawih pergi berlari,
Berlari santai bersama rakan,
Kami menyusun sepuluh jari,
Salah dan silap harap dimaafkan.

Pelita dipasang tanda nak raya,
Berbaju baru molek semuanya,
Salam Aidilfitri semoga berbahagia,
Dari kami Team Proton Runners ye!

Syawal dah tiba semua gembira
Kami dari TPR cuma nak kata
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin

Btw, this is the edited version of the pantun... At the same time, we are creating another group for Captain's birthday celebration. Of course Mr. Azlan is not included. Sadly Azie won't be able to attend prior to work commitment. But the sweetest thing is, she prepared a birthday cake for him.

It looks something like this...

I volunteer to draw Mr. Azlan's face and this will be the props for the cake. Hehe... Ecah said she'll prepare the lidi. 

That is Ecah's hand... 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

TPR Ramadhan Doodle

How's your Ramadhan going on so far? I think the weather is pretty hot this year. I used to run during Ramadan right before breaking fast but I just can't do it this year. The heat is killing me!

Aside from fasting, terawih and some other religious activities, I choose to challenge myself to start caricaturing faces of TPR. I always wanted to scrap off my "manga" stroke because I find it to be a little lame and boring and dry and Zzz... (It sounds impossible though)

I started off with Mr. Azlan. Since it was his birthday, I decided to capture his features and sketch out his characteristic. Next is Ecah, she has a very vibrant personality that's why I choose her to be my next subject matter. The thing about caricature is that, it kinda helps for you to visualize when you know their personality.

These are the earliest few I drew on a piece of A4 paper I found while I was spring cleaning my house. I got bored with cleaning and I started to sketch with a pencil. Yes, I'm random like that.

From Top Left (clockwise): Captain with his coffee and phone, Ecah was super excited with her 30km fun run, KE is busy calculating using abacus to buy a brand new luxurious sports car, and a quick sketch for Hakok Azie :D

After posting it for a while, everyone wants themselves to be sketched and visualise. Feuh! There are more than 50 people in TPR I guess. This would be a very good exercise for me but also, in another way of saying... Oh noes! I have to sketch them out properly in my sketch book so I can document them. And here's a compilation of some familiar faces I've done so far.

From Top Left (zigzag): Dayah and Ellysha holding a pony, the fun sized Nett, captain (again) in an apron preparing his coffee and Zamir with his shaky hands hahahaha :D

From Top Left (clockwise): Ecah (again), Shaza with her spatula, Kak Yanti aka Fazura and Hakok Azie wearing the Proton Mascot (^-^)

And oh, Zamir and Nett drew some too :)

Koci should fly! 


How adowable! By Nett :3

To be perfectly honest, I had so much fun doing this. I didn't know I can actually draw them. I have to admit that it is not 100% accurate but I really am enjoying myself sketching them. It's like a practice to see how much I know them.

Last but not least, here's by KE.

Hehehe... You're welcome KE!

 I should draw more often I guess. I should try inking.

Ramadhan is Coming & I Miss China So Bad!

Assalamualaikum and hello again guys, Terawih starts tonight and I always get an epiphany when Ramadhan is coming. It's 30th Syaaba...