Proton Wellness & Wellbeing Day: Route Run

Just so you know, I offered myself to become a volunteer for Proton's upcoming Wellness and Wellbeing Day. I will be one of the marshall for the 5km fun run.

Captain gave us the factory map and share with us the sikeret route, and I'm perfectly clueless. It's not that I don't read maps, I just don't know the factory that well. Basically today, we have to recce the route and mark down all the important details before the big day. To be honest, I'm kinda nervous. Proton is super huge and there are so many things need to be done before the event. Luckily I'm just a volunteer.

Briefing session. From left: Zamir, Jep, Cutie Esti, Hakok Azie, Nett Bebeh, Mr Azlan & Mr Fidt. Ok, I have to remember their names now... (Thanks Azie)

The funniest thing being part of the TPR is that they'll assume you are part of them. Which is a very positive thing. But when they talk using weird jargon or Proton language, I'm clueless. Hahahaha! Let me give you an example:

"Ida, nanti masuk ikut gate belakang." as if I know where the hell "gate belakang" is
"Jumpa kat gate PONSB" Pon-what? I assume that is a sikeret gate to heaven maybe? 

Alright whatever. I usually just follow them around obediently and act like I'm one of the Protonian.

We didn't do any warm up because it's getting late, and everyone wants to go back home as fast as they can, and it's just a 5km run, you won't get any serious injuries. So here goes nothing!

Almost there!

This is the second time I had the opportunity to run inside the factory and the Proton test track. Weehoo! It's a 5km fun run but of course it has to be extended to 5.2km. Some of us are super duper fast, some of us just keep going even we feel like dying, and some just took the uber car instead.

Thank you for capturing this Mr KE!

This is the PONSB gate. Fun Fact: PONSB stands for Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional Sdn Bhd.

Can't wait for Proton WWD 2017! :)


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