Thursday, March 16, 2017

Current Obsession: Honey x Red Dates

Besides the normal lemon infused drink, green tea and some other healthy products, I also love a fancy traditional drink. I'm not referring to Tongkat Ali or Kacip Fatimah. I'm more into the traditional Chinese remedy.

My dad is a huge Traditional Chinese Medication (TCM) fan. I've seen him boiling some barley mixed with weird roots sometime ago when he refuses to go to the hospital. FYI, ayah is scared of hospital, or probably medication bills to be exact. Hehehe... Oh well, who doesn't right?

I'm from a Chinese school so I've seen a lot of my friends drink infused water. May it be honey, chrysanthemum, roses, red dates, goji berry, etc. and sometimes some weird spices too... It smells really nice, but sometimes it could be otherwise.

To be honest, it is really awesome too see their water tumbler filled with fancy beautiful stuff that is edible. It is pretty and healthy at the same time. So yeah, I'd like to share with you my no-so-current obsession, hot water infused with honey and red dates.

I always have honey in my food pantry and I would consume a table spoon on daily basis. Honey is a great antibiotics and it is one of the greatest food ever existed on the planet. The one that I'm currently using now is Madu Kelulut. I have no idea what do they call it in English, so I just use the name instead. A friend of mine gave me this and I decided to give it a try.

I googled and this type of honey is a great anti-cancer agent. I'm not too sure what makes this honey extra special. Because in Quran, honey is stated as honey, generic honey. Apparently, we have so many types of honey these days, madu kelulut, madu tualang, Manuka honey and the list goes on and on and on. Well, thank you capitalism!

So here's how the packaging looks like. Frankly speaking, I'm a bit skeptical when I see a local product using Arabic words. Macam jual agama rasanya. I'm sorry.

After you tear the seal, here's the cap. The colour of this type of honey is slightly clearer than the regular ones. And it is less sweet too.

There are so many types of red dates available out there, and some of it are graded according to its size, colour and quality. But I usually purchase it at Tesco. At first, I thought it was super expensive, but I think the price is pretty decent. But you can try to look for it at some other traditional Chinese herbal shop.

I purchased this from Tesco Mutiara Damansara. You can find this at the spices section.

Red dates are different than the regular dates that we eat during Ramadan. If you wanna know about the goodness you may read it here. It is dry and hard, you have to cook or brew it before consuming it. It has great scent and I absolutely love it.

Three red dates per day keeps you young forever :)
(一天吃三枣,青春永不老 Yītiān chī sān zǎo, qīngchūn yǒng bùlǎo)

Blogging while waiting for my red dates to soften

I love to have this on a rainy day. Major love! You should try it too :) Wiwiwiwi~!

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