Thursday, December 22, 2016

UiTM Swimming Pool

Since most of the coaches of #TPR are feeling a little wee bit under the weather, I decided to go for a swim in UiTM! Yeay!

I went to UiTM swimming pool yesterday and my, the exterior looks so good. Unfortunately I didn't snap any photos because it was pretty dark. I'll probably update this later.

So if you are interested, please check the schedule here:

I purposely add a touch of cuteness to my custom swimming schedule v(>__<)v

UiTM Student - Free (You have to bring your student ID upon registration)
UiTM Staff - RM 3.00 per entry (Please purchase RM15.00 coupon)
Public - RM4.00 per entry (Please purchase RM20.00 coupon)
Children below 12 years old - RM1.00 per entry

The only complaints that I've been hearing is the price. It is a bit pricey but still cheaper than other places, huhuhu...

 This is how the coupon looks like. No expiry date

I haven't swim for such a long time and my shoulder is so sore because I struggled so much to swing my arm. Ugh. But this won't stop me!

I hope this information helps and see you on the next session! Wiwiwiwi~!

1 comment:

Zamir Akil said...

Been there last week after registering new sem.. and yeah the pool is nice.. I've been told from some coach that it is good recovery after running..

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