Monday, October 17, 2016

Running Bucket List

Today, I would like to share my running checklist with you, just wanted to give you the idea on how to make your running activities more interesting and fun. Some people would normally go for huge running events because it is worth the money. I don't blame them though, because some of the organisers are making money out of the events.

But for me, I prefer to add a touch of fun in my running bucket list. I always visit here to check out the latest, affordable and worth to run events. The most expensive running event I ever attended is Run Stroller Run in 2015, and the fee is RM85. Incredibly expensive for a 5km run right? But the event was pretty good though. Here are few good tips for you to consider:

1. Running fee (To me, it depends though)
2. The route (This is crucial #werunbukitcinta #werunbukittunku :p)
3. The organiser (Some run like Adidas King of the Road, Nike We Run KL and SCKLM are really worth it)
4. The medal (Beautiful medal worth to keep or brag)
5. The sponsors (Everyone loves a good goodie bag right? It makes you feel like it's Christmas when you collect your race pack or after the run)

Whatever it is, the decision is in your hand. So choose wisely ok?

Alright, without further due, here what I've achieved so far:

þ Fun Run (Below 10km)
þ 10km Run
þ Stroller Run
þ Colour Run
þ Trail Run
þ Charity Run
þ Night Run
þ Run in a University (Universiti Malaya)
þ Run as a Ghost Runner
þ Half Marathon
þ Run 10km non-stop (No water station)
þ Do 100km before the "Big Day"

Running Malaysia July/August Edition: Larian Spektra Krispy Kreme UM (Colour Run) was fun! Bahahaha! Thanks to Mr. Zain for sharing this madness :D

And here some other unaccomplished run yet:

 Run in Borneo
 Virtual Run   
 Zombie Run   
☐ Run in Seremban (Hometown)
☐ Run on a Bridge (Penang Bridge hopefully)
☐ Run in UiTM (I'm an UiTM Alumni and I never run in UiTM, how embarrassing)
☐ Costume Run
☐ Run in some other country
☐ Fruit Dash
☐ Tower Run
☐ Obstacle Run/Challenge
☐ Heels Dash
☐ Bubble Dash aka Pesta Buih :p
☐ Full Marathon (Oh noes!)

Ok, now my running activities sounds super fun! What's your running bucket list? Please share in the comments link down below ;)

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