Saturday, October 15, 2016

My Humble Medal Collection

Hello again people! So today, I would like to share my running medal collection with you guys. I started to run in 2015, I'm still new in this running thing and I can assure you that I'm not that fast. The only time that I was not using my brain is when I run. Running is a therapy and I call it escapism. 

Whenever I feel stressed or burn out with my work, I will go out and run. There's this one time I feel so down and depressed in my life, that's when I started to join all these running events just to build my confidence back. Running helps and it feels good :) 

My first medal (right bottom): From IIDEX 2014, that's obviously not a running medal but still, it is a medal :p

1. SCKLM 2015 (10km, Dataran Merdeka, KL)
Supposed to be my first run, but unfortunately, because of the haze, the event was cancelled. The #runforareason turns out to be #runfornoreason or #noreasontorun

2. Run Stroller Run 2015 (5km, Kepong Metropolitan Park)
The funnest run ever! The fee is a bit pricey, but I love this event because they have a lot of sponsors and lucky draws. It is so inspiring to see parents pushing their strollers and run with their kids.

3. White Ribbon Run 2015 (7km, Padang Merbok, KL)
So-called charity run. Another pricey run, but it was worth it!

4. Green World Run 2015 (5km, Putrajaya Challenge Park)
My first trail run and it was hilarious. Jannah and I have no idea that this is a trail run and we didn't wear the proper shoes. Hahahaha! In the end, our shoes covered with mud but it was fun! Hahahaha!

5. Ice Watch Night Run 2015 (10km, Plaza MASALAM, Shah Alam)
My very first 10km and night run. I was looking for a reason to celebrate my 30th birthday at that time, so I decided to run 10km. The route is kinda hectic, cars everywhere. I still remember there's this one 7:00 min pacer pushes me from the back and keep on supporting me. Small gesture that makes you feel good. Thanks.

6. Costume Night Run 2016 (5km, Mutiara Damansara)
How I celebrate new year's eve. I had IKEA's delicious currypuffs after the run just to treat myself. Happy New Year!

7. Natura Run for Hope 2016 (10km, Putrajaya)
First run to start 2016, Putrajaya is a very nice place to run though. 

8. Malaysia Women Marathon 2016 (HM, Dataran Shah Alam)
My first HM and I blame Kak Girl for this madness. And I thanked her for her endless support too. Girl power!

9. Square Root Run 2016 (10km, Univeristi Malaya)
I never knew that there is such thing as a Square Root day. Oh well, sometimes people just need a reason to celebrate everything, hehe... The Bukit Cinta is evil! #werunbukitcinta

10. Nike We Run KL 2016 (HM, The Heart of Kuala Lumpur)
BEST. RUN. EVER! #werunkl

11. Krispy Kreme Joy Run 2016 (5km, Univeristi Malaya)
Krispy Kreme. What do you expect? They give you Krispy Kreme Glazed donuts after the run. Hahaha! Oh I almost forgot, this is a colour run! It was fun, wiwiwiwi!

12. Asics City Relay 2016 (HM: Relay, Dataran Merdeka, KL)
The most meaningful run to me. It's all about teamwork and believe in each other. I'm blessed :)

13. Reach Out Run 2016 (15km, Putrajaya)
I was LATE! 30 minutes late... I remember I was panicked and been looking for other 15km runners. My heart beats like crazy trying to catch up with other runners hahahaha! Lesson learned, never be punctual, but be early!

*Ghost Runner: Men's Health Women's Health Night Run 2016 (12km, Putrajaya)
Running after rendang, ketupat and all is not a good idea. 

14. Puma Night Run 2016 (Dataran Shah Alam)
I run for my friend, Fido and Mai. Their wedding reception started at 8pm but I arrive at 1030pm. I'm the last person to arrive. What a day...

15. SCKLM 2016 (HM, Dataran Merdeka, KL)
My third HM and I was not prepared. I cried right after I reach the finish line like a kid. 

16. Hari Sukan Negara 2016 (HM, Dataran Merdeka, KL)
My first and official run with #teamProtonrunners
Hoyeah! Thank to TPR captain Mr. Azlan for inviting me in :D

So there. I'm not a professional runner, I run because I just love running, as you can see, I don't have much medals. I started to run at the age of 30. People assume that I'm in my mid 20's, the thing is running makes you look younger #truestory

It's never too late to start running. If I can do it, so can you!

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