Monday, October 31, 2016

Virtual Run : Check!

Mong2 peepo! :D

It's has been a critically busy week. Alhamdulillah, I'm still alive and running here and there. Hehehe... I'd like to share another achievement unlock this year... Virtual Run! Yeay!

What is virtual run? One may ask... Well, to me, virtual run is an invisible running event, no bib, no race pack. All you have to do is run and submit your running proof to the organizer. As simple as that. (Of course, you have to pay, ahaks)

Can't wait to run for 1 Malaysia, weehoo~!

To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't register if it's not because of the medal. Why would you pay for no reason right? Let me show you how to do a virtual run!

It's pretty easy!

Step 1: Register your run here and select your medal.
Step 2: Go out and run or walk
Step 3: Print screen your running proof (may it be any snapshot from running apps such as Nike+, Strava, Fitbit, Garmin, etc), and upload it here
Step 4: Wait patiently for your medal :D (you may check your delivery code here)

This is a snapshot from my mobile phone. As you can see here, one medal is RM 25.20 (normal rate is RM28) and you have to pay RM 7.66 (flat rate) for the shipping fee and RM2.86 for the transaction fee. So the total would be RM35.72

I received these last week while I was still in Terengganu. Just look at these adorable medals! #hobenjanghoben and #luaskankuasamu

I choose to run for Negeri Sembilan first because obviously I'm from Seremban. And my second 10km is for Johor, because my mom is from Segamat Johor. Next, I'll be running for Melaka because my dad is from Melaka, Selangor just because my husband is from Selangor and Sarawak definitely because I've been to Sarawak. Who cares, you just need a reason to run right? Hehehe...

Personally, I don't have any problems with Tixtac Malaysia so far. I've seen people leaving comments informing they have not receive their medal yet. You know people, we live in Malaysia, sometimes you just have to be extra patient. Please read and understand the terms and conditions because it is extremely crucial! Customer is always right, yeah I know that, but don't be an ignorant customer. This to avoid misunderstanding.

I made my first purchase on 19th October 2016 and submitted my running proof on the same day #tazabaa I receive my medal last week around 26th - 28th October 2016. I was in Terengganu at that time, my husband collect the parcel but he didn't open it. So yeah, it takes less than 14 days for them deliver the medal after the submission. 

Just to be clear, I tried to check my delivery code after I submitted my running proof. Sadly I couldn't find it. It's really difficult. However, I choose not to contact them because I know the process is time consuming and the probably need more time to pack everything. If you have any problems, you may check their FB to leave any comments and they'll reply it asap. 

Overall, it was fun and I love collecting medals. I highly recommend this organizer :)

Ok what's next? I'm thinking to do a trail run again...

Monday, October 24, 2016

Mari Belajar Posing

Sabtu yang lepas 23hb Oktober 2016, Team Proton Runners datang berhimpun di Setia Alam Central Park untuk belajar cara berlari yang betul. Saya tak mendaftar untuk kelas ini tetapi geng Kuar-kura insist untuk saya datang #menyebok Mr. KE pun kata dia bawak maam beliau sekali - Kak Nik.

Inilah Taman Rekreasi Setia Alam, best jugak lari di sini :D

Apakah tujuan Pose Method? 
i. Untuk elakkan kecederaan ketika berlari
ii. Untuk lari dengan betul, lebih laju dan efektif

Kapten jadi volunteer, cara menjatuhkan badan. Graviti membantu kita untuk lari sebenarnya...

Walaupun dah beberapa kali masuk HM, tapi saya tidak improve dan langsung tak laju. Klinik ini sangat membantu sebenarnya. Saya belajar cara lari yang betul, pernafasan, posture, dan beberapa perkara lagi dalam larian. Cuma bila baru belajar dan nak praktikkan tu mungkin akan mengambil masa.

Semua tengah khusyuk melihat pose yang betul

Buat pengetahun semua, seelok-eloknya lakukanlah senaman seperti lunges, squat dan plank untuk menguatkan lagi otot ketika berlari. Dulu saya rajin juga buat workout, tapi dah lepas kahwin ni macam makin malas. Haiyoo!

Selepas habis klinik, Dayah selaku Adun TPR Setia Alam bawa kami lari keliling tasik. Mereka sangat laju! Pace saya yg 7 minit ini memang tak mampu nak kejar mereka. Barangkali juga sebab dah gemuk, hahahaha!

Macam biasa, kapten yang paling bersemangat nak ambil gambar. Sebelum ni ada #handpod, dan sekarang #spoilerpod :p

Lepas belajar cara pose lari yang betul, nampaknya semua dah tahu cara lompat yang lebih selamat hehe... Wee~!

Kalau sesiapa berminat untuk turut serta kelas ini, boleh klik di sini dan ikuti perkembangan Pose Method Running Clinic ini.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Running Bucket List

Today, I would like to share my running checklist with you, just wanted to give you the idea on how to make your running activities more interesting and fun. Some people would normally go for huge running events because it is worth the money. I don't blame them though, because some of the organisers are making money out of the events.

But for me, I prefer to add a touch of fun in my running bucket list. I always visit here to check out the latest, affordable and worth to run events. The most expensive running event I ever attended is Run Stroller Run in 2015, and the fee is RM85. Incredibly expensive for a 5km run right? But the event was pretty good though. Here are few good tips for you to consider:

1. Running fee (To me, it depends though)
2. The route (This is crucial #werunbukitcinta #werunbukittunku :p)
3. The organiser (Some run like Adidas King of the Road, Nike We Run KL and SCKLM are really worth it)
4. The medal (Beautiful medal worth to keep or brag)
5. The sponsors (Everyone loves a good goodie bag right? It makes you feel like it's Christmas when you collect your race pack or after the run)

Whatever it is, the decision is in your hand. So choose wisely ok?

Alright, without further due, here what I've achieved so far:

þ Fun Run (Below 10km)
þ 10km Run
þ Stroller Run
þ Colour Run
þ Trail Run
þ Charity Run
þ Night Run
þ Run in a University (Universiti Malaya)
þ Run as a Ghost Runner
þ Half Marathon
þ Run 10km non-stop (No water station)
þ Do 100km before the "Big Day"

Running Malaysia July/August Edition: Larian Spektra Krispy Kreme UM (Colour Run) was fun! Bahahaha! Thanks to Mr. Zain for sharing this madness :D

And here some other unaccomplished run yet:

 Run in Borneo
 Virtual Run   
 Zombie Run   
☐ Run in Seremban (Hometown)
☐ Run on a Bridge (Penang Bridge hopefully)
☐ Run in UiTM (I'm an UiTM Alumni and I never run in UiTM, how embarrassing)
☐ Costume Run
☐ Run in some other country
☐ Fruit Dash
☐ Tower Run
☐ Obstacle Run/Challenge
☐ Heels Dash
☐ Bubble Dash aka Pesta Buih :p
☐ Full Marathon (Oh noes!)

Ok, now my running activities sounds super fun! What's your running bucket list? Please share in the comments link down below ;)

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