Thursday, September 29, 2016

Current Obsession: Oat Bran Powder

I bailed on my 30 day no-rice challenge. I don't feel so bad after all because I just got married and I have to consume some carbs on my big day right? Hehehe...

Recently, I started to consume Oat Bran Powder every morning (I just don't eat during breakfast). Oat is believed to lower down your cholesterol and definitely good for your health. I've been consuming too many unhealthy food lately and I need this. 

I purchased this from Guardian, Giant Section 13 Shah Alam

I started to know about this product couple of years back when I was running a high fever (little did I know it was dengue). I was so weak and I couldn't go out to buy food. I lose weight like crazy for not consuming anything except this.

How does it tastes like? Trust me, this thing is tasteless. Because oat was supposed to be tasteless, not sweet. I have trouble consuming this because it is way too powdery and I would cough every time I drink it. Ugh. I've been consuming this for two weeks now (without fail) and I usually add a two tablespoon of Milo just to make it tastier. This thing is a keeper :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

No Rice Challenge: I Failed

Hello again guys, I'm terribly very sorry for not keeping my promise to accomplish the challenge. It was really, hard. And today, after the big day, I choose to celebrate it with this.

Fried Chinese Bok Choi, Egg Tofu and Spicy Egg Plant

Hmm, so what I can share from this is... It was not easy to maintain a specific diet.  We're Malaysians and we love our food. As they say, ini kelaut. Hahaha! Honestly, I would try this diet again because I personally have no problems to skip rice. But when you don't consume enough carbs, you will feel extremely exhausted. Besides, vegetables absorbs more oil.

But oh well, who cares.

I kinda miss chicken, meat and fish, but I have no regrets though :)

Friday, September 9, 2016

No Rice Challenge: Day 19

Day 19: Same old, same old

Fried Green Beans with Carrots and Eggs, Egg Tofu and Spicy Eggplant

I just got back from meeting Madam Lee Ai Chat, my former Mandarin lecturer/trainer. She's here just to pass me the angpow since she couldn't make it to my big day. It feels so good when people remembers you. I was thinking to treat her for lunch but she is busy. I hope we'll get to hang out next time.

So, here's how my lunch looks like. I still remember back in the days she brought me to a Chinese vegetarian restaurant. Eating veggie reminds me of that. She's really nice.


Friday, September 2, 2016

No Rice Challenge: Day 12

Day 12: Not much veggie

Fried Chinese Cabbage, Egg Tofu and A little bit of Sambal Belacan to taste

The cafeteria doesn't have much choice for today. So I only have this for lunch. I need some carbs and protein huhuhu...

It's day 12 and how am I gonna do this? Huwaa.... :'(

Ramadhan is Coming & I Miss China So Bad!

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