Sunday, May 22, 2016

Another Super Fun Sunday Run with #teamPROTONrunners

Kak Yanti, texted me couple of days back informing me there will be another training in BJ. This is my first run after Rinjani and I’m looking forward to train before the race. Besides, this is the first time I have a team. Weehoo~! I bet everyone is very excited.

I can’t believe that I was really early today. But not as early as Mr. Azlan. He lives somewhere around there, memanglah awal kan.  While waiting for other runners to arrive, we had a little chat and I notice that he’s wearing a brand new pair of alien-esque looking running shoes. It looks so cool; I thought it was invented by NASA. The brand is Hoka.

When we started running, a loud alarm sound coming out from my phone. How embarrassing. I forgot to switch my alarm off. It was really, really loud! I think the whole Bukit Jelutong can hear it. Shoot! I have this one “Final-call-for-Subuh” alarm on my phone. As silly as this may sound, I actually NEED it on weekends. Such a bad habit right? Kak Yanti said it sounded like a Mayday call.

Today, we have Cikgu aka Mr Shahril with us. He’s part of the team Proton runners relay team. It took me a while to remember where I met him. We had a dinner with my ex back then in Kota Damansara, yeah I remember that now...

After run, they discussed about their calorie counting obsession. By saying “they”, I mean Mr. Azlan je. He is a proud OCD and he calculates everything, literally everything. I just don’t get. Oh well, maybe I should give the MyFitnessPal app a try and I’ll understand how the calorie count works.

I had so much fun running with them today. Can’t wait for the race! Good luck guys!

I learn new word today #handpod #sikeret

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