Saturday, April 16, 2016

First run with #TeamProtonRunners

Last night, out of nowhere, in all of a sudden, Mr. Azlan leaves a comment on my FB and invited me to join his team and run in Bukit Jelutong. I’m surprised.

At first, I was kinda hesitating to join him.  Probably because I don’t know who they are and it will be awkward to join them. Plus, I’m an outsider. I’ve seen his posts (on social media) how passionate and incredibly intimidating they are as runners. And I’m just a boring regular runner. Pfft…

After subuh, I finally decided to meet them at SMBJ and give it a try. And I was late! Hahahaha! Oh well, never mind, I park my car there and run. Bukit Jelutong is not that big though, I might bump into them. Bukit Jelutong is a very well developed residential area and a very nice place to jog.

After 3km of running alone, I saw them coming down from the hill. Mr. Azlan wave at me and just like that, I join them. That’s how I met Mr. Zain, Kak Yanti and Dayah.

The five of us on a fine Saturday morning. They use to practice here and run together-gather. FYI, the bus stop in front of SMBJ is the meeting point. If you see a bunch of Proton cars on weekends, that's them.
(But I drive a Myvi :p)

Thank you for inviting me Mr. Azlan and nice meeting you guys!

Pix Credit to Kak Yanti. Thank you for sharing! :x

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