Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Visit to Dr. Russ's Crib

Kak Girl just got here couple of hours ago and both of us were super excited to visit Dr. Russ’s same old brand new renovated house.

This is UNREAL! You can usually see this kind of scene in a comic, illustration or probably somewhere overseas. This is the new consultation section, it was actually part of the garage

Dr. Russ’s house is my dream house. I love the neighborhood, love the structure of the house, love the plain white deco, love the couch with huge cushion pillows, love the cats, love, love, love! J’adore! EVERYTHING!

I love a house that feels like home. You get what I mean right? I have this bad habit of "tidur bersepah" means I can actually sleep anywhere if I am extremely exhausted. There's this one time I was too tired and I fell asleep right after I stepped into the house. The next morning I realized that I didn't lock the door and I've been sleeping on the floor like a dead person all night long. My housemates thought I was dead or drunk or something.

You can actually sleep anywhere in his house. #truestory There's a huge bean bag in the kitchen, I can sleep there, the couch is super comfortable, I can sleep there, Boom looks really fluffy, I can pretend like he's a pillow, yeah, you get the idea.

Boom (the cat) is so huge! 

I dare to say that we have similar taste in house deco. Wiwiwiwiwi~ People say that you can never have too much books, oh yeah! I’m a bibliophile, so I love books. Therefore, I love the arrangement of this consultation section here.

Oh, I also forgot to mention that he has this display showcase filled with his Star Wars collection. I swear I would steal that thing someday! He has this see through coffee table where he put his awesome die-casts collectibles. I hate you!

Four of us. Boom dah lari...

If you ever feel like selling your house, please let me be the first person to know ok? (Just in case if you read this :p)

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