Monday, January 18, 2016

The BoBoiBoy Movie Project: Part II

After signing couple of agreements, I’ve finally had the privilege to actually watch the BoBoiBoy Movie.

Can't wait! When I was writing this, they production is still in the on going process


BoBoiBoy is not really my cup of tea, but the movie is really, really good. Trust me. I’m very loyal to Upin & Ipin to this day, but after watching that, I have to say that I have a huge crush on Ochobot and KoKoCi Bahahaha!

The only thing that bugs me is BoBoiBoy and friends has countless name of superpowers. That will be a headache for me to translate it in Mandarin. But Anas said Ee Jean will definitely help out with some terms to maintain the essence of BoBoiBoy-ness. Feuh~!

Who would’ve thought that after 3 years leaving the animation industry, I had a chance to be part of it again.

Allah does work in the most mysterious way.

Disclaimer: This entry is written earlier but published right after the project is finished.

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