Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Newborn Blog!


Dear all,

I've just created a new blog. Feel free to visit Bila Idaman Menekan Huruf.

Many asked me what are the differences between the Ida-Mandarin blog and Bila Idaman Menekan Huruf blog. Basically, this blog main feature is more on my personal daily life, what's cool happening in LCP etc.

While Bila Idaman Menekan Huruf focusing more on my writing. I was inspired by A. Samad Said after reading an interview with him in a local magazine. He said,

"... Saya mengungkap satu-satu peristiwa waktu itu juga..."

I was surrounded with lots of magnificent people and somehow they're not philosophers though. But they always come out with useful advices and some brilliant quotes that you can never imagine. Too bad I never jot it down and share it with you.

FYI, I've always write down all of my smses but I quit after I started to write down interesting quotes from people around me. That's why I created Bila Idaman Menekan Huruf. I haven't write for my personal pleasure for such a long time, it's kinda hard to start. But after few entries, I'm getting better.

I hope you like it. Enjoy :)

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