Thursday, September 10, 2009

Me on BlueHyppo Kidz

Assalamualaikum and hi to all. I am back again. To all my fellow friends and loyal followers who have been waiting for my updates, I'm so sorry for keeping you waiting for so long. I've been very-very busy lately, I didn't have much time to write and do my favourite stuff (There are so many things to do, so little time)... However, I am deliriously happy with my job.

Just a quick update. If you have missed the exciting episodes of Upin & Ipin dan Kawan-kawan, worry no more. You can watch the past episodes here and plus, watch the exclusive interview with the voice actors and the behind-the-scene-crews sharing their personal experiences in making the phenomenal 3d animation.

p/s: Don't forget to watch Upin & Ipin dan Kawan-kawan everyday at 5:30pm on TV9 and stand a chance to win great prizes exclusively from TM and Les' Copaque.

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Googoozool said...

Hehe.. Congratz for the TM interview. You look so confident there. Two thumbs up!

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