Thursday, September 10, 2009

Geng DVD so-called Convocation Day...

Ehem... Ehem... Geng DVD is out now. We (LCPeans) are excitedly purchasing it at WOG next door. Please buy the original ones and support local animation industry. It's only RM35.90 (with free giant Upin & Ipin: Angkasa poster), extremely worth it! Plus, there's a contest included in this DVD, and many great fabulous prizes to be won.

Me with the DVD and the giant poster. Pix credits to Papysnow;)

Aliya: I has zee Geng DVD~!
Oh yes, I haven't introduce the new talented scriptwriter in LCP. Meet Miss Aliya Nazlan-graduated from MMU. Actually, she has been here for quite sometimes, but I never write anything about her yet. She loves to read, into barbies and faeries... Erm, what else? Aha~ She has this interesting board game called "Cranium". Hehehe...

Macam convo pulak... Everyone is proudly showing off their original Geng DVD and the free Upin & Ipin: Angkasa poster which looks like scroll. Yeay~!

Go and get the ORIGINAL copy of Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula DVD now for only RM35.90! Hurry~!

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