Thursday, April 16, 2009

Brain food...

Here are the latest books on my bookshelf, I bought these at MPH Midvalley. First, is a Malay novel-Julia, written by Abu Hassan Morad and The Book of Sins by Bernice Chauly. I've been waiting for The Book of Sins after I read an interview with her in Komikoo. However, I couldn't find her first book. From a rumor that I heard, this book is a limited print. So, for those Bernice Chauly fans out there, get a copy of your Book of Sins.

From left: The Book of Sins and Julia

Julia is one of the novel listed in the literature component (komponen sastera) for SPM students. If I'm not mistaken, this novel is for the Perak region. I love Bahasa Melayu when I was in school, in fact, I scored A1 for the subject. What more can I say, I love languages~~ When I was in form 4, my teacher taught me Bukit Kepong and when I was in form 5, I studied my favourite novel-Konserto Terakhir. I still can remember the storyline, and the main character Hilmi. It's a good thing there's a literature study in school, the novels are simply addictive and it makes me wanna read it even more...

I've been looking these two books for such a long time. I have couple books in my wish list. I'm currently looking for Konserto Terakhir and Perlumbaan Kedua. Can't wait for KLIBF!

Delectable at The Gardens

Went to The Gardens Mid Valley a couple of days ago. I'm looking for some books here with Bunnee. I just bought two books today, I'll post about the book later. Anyway, just wanted to share with you a lovely gigantic Ads which I saw there. I was attracted with the happy looking bunnies, I shall say that they are extremely adorable!


Delectable Designer Cakes... Hmm... I was wondering how does a designer cake looks like... I think this gonna be a bakery or something, but definitely with a twist of creative concept and style. YummY~

Friday, April 10, 2009

Huge Wooden Horse!

Something extraordinaire happened this morning. I saw a huge wooden thingy at the furniture shop near LCP office. That thing is totally indescribable. It's huge, definitely taller than me, and made of wood. When I was looking outside from the pantry window, I can see clearly that it was actually a huge wooden horse!

Giant Horsey~!

I ran to the second floor and calling Ryda excitedly to see the giant wooden horse. Both of us went to the the furniture shop near by to take a close look. I was wondering... Is there anyone out there would really buy this (so-called) replica and place it in their landscape garden or something?

Told ya this thing is taller than me... (Am so short! Hehehe...)

I bet this horse must be an extremely expensive piece of furniture decor. I wouldn't buy that thing even if I'm filthy rich. I prefer the real ones. Oh well, that thing is just a white elephant, anyway. After Ryda and I have took some pictures with the wooden horse, both of us went back to the office and tell our colleagues about the wooden horse. And now, I'm blogging to tell you about it...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Go~ Wonderpets!

Wonder Pets brighten up my day and makes me smile (",)

My favourite character is definitely Ming Ming!

Heels does not Heals

Am editing one of the pictures taken during Hana's wedding reception at Putrajaya. I'm wearing this heels for the whole day. Ugh~! It hurts! I won't wear stilettos anymore!

It's true that stylish high heels can make you look taller, flatter your legs and
give you a chic appearance. But they also are notorious for harming women's feet.

-Adapted from myOptumHealth.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Family Meeting

Minggu ni balik rumah kat Seremban. Ayah tiba-tiba call, ada meeting family katanya. Meeting kali ni nampaknya agak penting kerana Ayie yang Xboleh balik minggu ni pun terpaksa "fly" sekejap. Ya, memang bunyinya agak skema, tapi dalam family saya memang ada tradisi bermesyuarat sebelum buat satu keputusan. Nasib baik tidak ada keje yang urgent mahupun aktiviti sales dalam minggu ni.

Balik rumah kadang-kadang rasa macam leceh sebab perjalanan nak ke Seremban sangat memenatkan. Walaupun ada komuter, tapi percayalah, perjalanan dari Seremban ke Shah Alam dengan menaiki komuter memakan masa hampir 3 jam. Jadual tren memang janji kosong semata-mata. Saya pernah naik tren bawah tanah masa belajar kat China dulu, memang on time. Pernah sekali jadual tren Xikut masa yang ditetapkan, orang ramai mengetuk-ngetuk tren yang terhenti. Orang ramai begitu marah kerana masa mereka terbuang. Saya rasa masa itu bukanlah emas kini, tetapi ianya adalah nyawa... Mungkin rakyat Malaysia yang menaiki komuter ni terlalu banyak masa kot. Entahla~~ Abaikan cerita tren tu...

Kalau makan dengan family memang saya sengaja lupakan alahan pada makanan laut. Bila bibir dah merekah & muka naik jerawat baru nak menyesal. Tapi memang best! Thank you ayah and mama!

Saya bertolak dari stesen Batu Tiga Shah Alam pada jam 830 malam dan tiba di Seremban pada pukul 1145. Hari ni saya sengaja Xmakan tengahari dan makan malam sebab nak makan makanan rumah. Bila sampai rumah, makanan hampir habis. Meskipun yang tinggal hanyalah sisa, tapi saya tetap berselera. Tak ada makanan yang sesedap masakan ayah dan juga mama. Ayah memang pandai memasak dan menjahit, cikgu KH la katakan. Hehehe...

Esoknya makan besar kat luar. Best sgt. Entah kenapa rasa lagi best makan dengan family, mungkin sebab value family lagi terasa kot berbanding makan dengan kawan. Best macam mana pun kat luar, tapi bila sesekali balik rumah lagi best. Katil yg best, makanan yg best dan sesekali boleh kayuh basikal kat luar. Teringat satu iklan Petronas dulu, kenapa saya suka rumah saya? -Sebab dia BEST!

*Ya, itulah dia. Saja nak kongsi cerita balik rumah, sebab saya suka rumah saya! o(^o^)o

Friday, April 3, 2009

Pesta Buku Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur 2009

Attention to all bookworms (not necessarily bookworms) out there! Can't get enough of books? Need to feed your mind with some intellectual brain food? Let's go to Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2009 at PWTC! 

Opening Hours

Date : 17th - 26th April 2009

Monday - Thursday : 10.00 am till 7.00pm
Friday - Sunday & Public Holidays : 10.00 am till 9.00pm

Venue : Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I found about KLIBF when I was browsing around Faisal Tehrani's blog. His blog is really informative, though. I went to KLIBF last year with Bunnee to attend the official launching of PeKomik. And I was hoping to attend this year's KLIBF again. YeargH~! Let's spend all of our monthly salary on books ~!!

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