Sales at Saraziq Proshine Seremban

Yes, we formed a team and went to Seremban to sell Upin & Ipin and Geng original Merchandise. Frankly speaking I have no idea what am I supposed to blog about this. Gonna keep this post short...

Date: Saturday, March 14th, 2009
Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Address: 562, Jalan Haruan 4/7, Oakland Commercial Center,
Taman Oakland 70300, Seremban

Yuuki and EeJean arrive at the designated time earlier than me and Panpan. (It's really hard to wake him up, sigh~~) We arrive at Saraziq Proshine around 10am. The customers keep on coming, and the sales going so well. Anyway, thanx to Panpan's family. His mum told us that they have distributed 2000 flyers around Seremban, plus, they even organized a mini event that day. Wow~~ Nuff" said! Here are some pictures during the event...

Snap a photo while there's no customers around. From left: Panpan, Yuuki, me and EeJean

We celebrate Syahira's 15th birthday...

It rains heavily in the afternoon...

We had delicious fried rice for lunch. Yummy~! Look how happy EeJean is (^o^)

The sales pretty good. We earn about RM4K today, and I'm extremely happy about that v(^^) Special thanx to Saraziq Proshine Team, Panpan's family for being so supportive, we owe you so much!

*These pictures taken using my phonecam, very low quality though, editing pictures are real time consuming ;p


Papysnow said…
woohoooo~gonna go again~~~^O^
IdaMandarin said…
Huhuhu... Wanna go to the hot balloon fair at Putrajaya~!

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