Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Majlis Perkahwinan Hana & Khalis

Early this month, I asked Papy's permission for not to come on 21st March (Saturday) and 22nd and 29th (Sunday). I have to attend my cousin's wedding at Bandar Baru Bangi. (She's my father's cousin to be exact, and she's more like my aunt).

Lovely crysenthemums! Love the flowers but not the smell...

The majlis nikah is on 21st at Bandar Baru Bangi, wedding reception on the next day at Putrajaya. Tok Ayah and his family made all the preperations. I love the concept of this wedding, it's a combination of three colours which are Purple, Lilac, and White (those are my favourite colours). Ok, since I don't have much things to say, let the pictures do the talking.

After the majlis nikah ended we had a short family meeting. Tok Ayah (the red baju melayu man in front) giving a short brief to the family members on. My dad will be the host for the wedding reception at Putrajaya tomorrow.

The wedding reception at Putrajaya. At the pelamin stage before the guests are coming. Mama's not here with us, she's a bit unwell. Still recovering from dengue. We are so busy helping that day. Ayah is the host and my siblings and I were so busy giving away the door gift for the guests and relatives.

With my nephews (I think so...) as the flower girls. Since the don't know me much, they have forgotten my name and call me Kak Ros instead... Sigh -_-"

Sama cantik, sama padan (^^)

I bring Upin & Ipin goodies for them. Hehehe...

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