Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Bros~!

My old Nokia 6060 suddenly blinking silently at 12:00am. I flipped the phone and saw a birthday reminder appear on the screen. Owh, it's Ayie's 19th birthday! I quickly look up for his number and phone him.

Angah: Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you~ Happy Birthday to Ayie, Happy Birthday to you~~
(Singing happily and whole-heartedly)
Hahaha~~ Thank you! Thank you! Hehehe... Wrong number! Wrong number! (Joking as sunny as always)
Angah: What do you mean by wrong number? You don't know me?

Ayie: Yes, I do... I recognize your voice...

Angah: Owh, anyway, do you have this number?

Ayie: Of course, but somehow your name didn't appear on the screen...

Angah: Hmm? Are you sure you know who it is?

Ayie: Sigh~ Who else would sing birthday song for me in the most quirkiest way except you...

Angah: (-_-)" (He knows very me well...)

Happy 20th birthday to Abang and Happy 19th birthday to Ayie... May Allah bless both of you!

Last week, on February 17th 2009 is Abang's 20th birthday. He's at China now (damn~ Jealousy kicks! Anyway, my Abang can speak Mandarin, too). I can only wish by text messaging him. But somehow the message failed to reach him on his birthday. Both of my younger brothers were born in the month of February.

So Abang, if you read this, please take note that Angah actually remembers you, and don't forget to buy me stamps in each country that you stop by! Hehehe... Anyway, happy birthday to both of you and May Allah bless you...

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