Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Bros~!

My old Nokia 6060 suddenly blinking silently at 12:00am. I flipped the phone and saw a birthday reminder appear on the screen. Owh, it's Ayie's 19th birthday! I quickly look up for his number and phone him.

Angah: Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you~ Happy Birthday to Ayie, Happy Birthday to you~~
(Singing happily and whole-heartedly)
Hahaha~~ Thank you! Thank you! Hehehe... Wrong number! Wrong number! (Joking as sunny as always)
Angah: What do you mean by wrong number? You don't know me?

Ayie: Yes, I do... I recognize your voice...

Angah: Owh, anyway, do you have this number?

Ayie: Of course, but somehow your name didn't appear on the screen...

Angah: Hmm? Are you sure you know who it is?

Ayie: Sigh~ Who else would sing birthday song for me in the most quirkiest way except you...

Angah: (-_-)" (He knows very me well...)

Happy 20th birthday to Abang and Happy 19th birthday to Ayie... May Allah bless both of you!

Last week, on February 17th 2009 is Abang's 20th birthday. He's at China now (damn~ Jealousy kicks! Anyway, my Abang can speak Mandarin, too). I can only wish by text messaging him. But somehow the message failed to reach him on his birthday. Both of my younger brothers were born in the month of February.

So Abang, if you read this, please take note that Angah actually remembers you, and don't forget to buy me stamps in each country that you stop by! Hehehe... Anyway, happy birthday to both of you and May Allah bless you...

My True Story...

While I was checking my inbox mail, deleting unwanted emails, I've found an email from my Mandarin lecturer 莫顺婵师. It was a long time ago (May 25th, 2007). She typed it out for me because I don't know how to type Chinese characters using computer (I learn how to type Chinese characters when I was in Les' Copaque from Yuki and Away-Yes, I'm still learning Mandarin until today:学老,活到老).







I have a funny feeling when I read this essay again. This essay written by me and it's a true story. It supposed to be much longer than this but my lecturer edit and fix it so that the speech will end in 3 minutes. I use this humble speech during Mandarin Public Speaking Competition and Chinese Bridge Competition 2007

Monday, February 23, 2009

Make New Friends v(^-^)v

Recently, someone told me that the awkward feeling talking to strangers is the best part of making new friend. Suddenly, Yuna's voice running through my head...

I barely even know you, and you rarely do this, too... I don't usually talk to strangers until I met you...

Anyway, that's just a song... So, here's a story about once upon a time in my life... (I think I rarely post anything personal besides my working life). One day, I was kidnapped by Ee, Hasan and Nachimi. I was hoping that a handsome charming prince will come and kidnap me. But, well... Three of them wasn't so bad either... FYI, all of them are still available... Sorry guys v(^^)

Meet the UNIKLeans! I met them last night during berfoya-foya hour (Haha, lepas tu bangun lambat!). They're young (of course, much younger than me), hype and creative (including Ee, Nachimi and Hasan). It feels great to meet new people. Ee told me that they're very talented and each one of them have their own speciality in what they're doing... Thanx to Nas for sending me this lovely photo.

Today's mission is to support our friends teatre competition at UNIKL (I wasn't so sure about the competition). Yes, "our" friends because I just met them last night. This is the second time I went to UNIKL. We met Alien and his couple of friends at the entrance. We missed the play because it was too late. However, we still hang out with each other at Dulang restaurant (somewhere at Kampung Baru, near UNIKL) and had our lunch there.

On our way to Cap Square Mall. Photo taken by Nachimi, Ee was capturing a photo of me with Hasan and Dini while Hasan taking his self-portrait with Dini. (Hey, that is not self-portrait...)

After lunch, Dini is the only one who wants to hang out with us. But neither one of us had plan where to go. So, we went to Cap Square Mall. Nothing interesting about this place, and there are many shops are still in renovation progress. But we still manage to snap few pictures there... The gigantic ADs (I don't quite remember the right graphic jargon for this type of AD) are pretty cool, here, look at the lollipops~


My best friends-I think Nachimi wouldn't agree on this. He would say that I didn't know him well... Hehehe... My favourite photo of the day. Looks like a high school photo to me. Photo taken by Ee...

The lovely bench is covered with colourful Songket (I think so) and look at the grass! Those aren't real, but it brings out a positive mood for those who sit there... Nothing much in Cap Square, then we went to KLCC. We went to Kinokuniya. I was looking for a book written by Faisal Tehrani entitled Tuhan Manusia and Manikam Kalbu, but I was kinda dissapointed because those books are out of stocks.

*FYI, Faisal Tehrani is one of my favourite writer. I have to say that he's a great writer and his writings is a good brain food to me. In my opinion, there are millions of good writers out there who can write with a good language and good vocabulary, but only few great writers can inspire others to think, and he's one of them. Have you ever read "Kerana Manisnya Epal"? That is my favourite short story in Antologi Anak Laut when I was in form 4. Besides, I also have Bila Tuhan Berbicara. Hey, I'm out of topic!

In front of the Petronas Art Gallery...

Then, we went to Galeri Petronas, it has been quite some time I didn't go there. The Go Blok exhibition is really interesting. I like the sign language art the entrance. But I couldn't spell out the words... Anyway, It's really cool... There's another art exhibition here by Jeganathan Ramachandram. The paintings are extremely awesome.

This exhibition, which began literally as an exercise in watching people, explores the artist's new age mystical approach to understanding human nature through the study of faces in relation to the day in the week that the sitter was born on. Each of his 14 paintings focuses on the general characteristics and physical attributes as well as the compatibility of life partners of those born on a particular day.

Hasan and Ee (Satuday) are Entertainers, Nazmi is (Tuesday) the orator while Dini (Monday) is the storyteller. Me? I was born on Sunday and I'm the Guardian... I just love art that communicates with the audience.

In the KLCC elevator after the Geng Road Show...

At night, we had a Geng Road Tour at KLCC, and I have another Road Tour at Alamanda Putrajaya and JJ Seremban 2 on the next day. Work hard, play even harder... Hehehe... Yes... Once upon a time in my life. Keep in touch, more updates coming soon~


We had an impossible mission... Nachimi, Ee, Hasan and I went to UM (Universiti Malaya) to watch Yuna so-called gig. UM is really huge, and we're lost while we're looking for the event location. The road is pretty confusing...

Four of us naik "kuda putih"...

It's been quite sometimes I didn't watch a band performance. I'm not a real gig follower, but I do enjoy it. As far as I can I remember, the last time I watch a live band performance is when I was in UiTM Shah Alam. Me and couple of friends went to padang kawad to watch Nitrus perform. It was awesome! Ok, get back to the Yuna gig...

At Perdasiswa. While waiting Yuna to perform. But it turns out to be a Talent Search...

When we arrived at Perdana siswa, it was not a gig. It was a Talent Search Competition. Yuna is one of the featured artiste. We're kinda dissapointed at the first place. Honestly, looking at a bunch of weirdos performing on stage, singing boy band songs (which is so last century) makes me wondering where did they get the courage to do such a silly thing? Don't they have any friends telling them that "Hey, sudahlatu... Xpayah la shok sendiri..." What a poor thing...

We have nothing much to do, Ee snapped this picture. The host of the event is terribly annoying and irritating. The guy is gay and the girl is so damn gedik...

Me and Yuna~! Kechikun used to show me her pictures performing live during UOX but now I finally met her!

Finally, Yuna appeared. Tonight, Yuna sings Backpacking Around Europe and Dan Sebenarnya. She sings casually cool with her white electric guitar. I love her songs very much. Many thoughts runs through my head... It's a quirky feeling, hard to explain it here.

It's really hard to take a picture with her. Sigh~~

We didn't wait for Estrella to perform. We left for another mission... Hehehe... But it was fun anyway...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Photo Challenge

The challenge is:

Go to your photos folder in your computer.
Go to the 6th folder of photos.
Go to the sixth picture in that folder.
Put the picture on your blog and description of it.
Invite six friends to join the challenge.
Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged

Honestly, this picture is not from the 6th photo folder in my PC. But still, this is the 6th photo in my picture folder. Err, do you know what I mean? Whatever... Hehehe...

Location: FINAS Ampang
Time: Around 2-3p.m. (Sunday)

An event at FINAS, Ampang. To promote Geng : The Adventure Begins. I'm not sure what is this area is called (and am so lazy to google it), I think it's called Walk of Fame... It's pretty unique, actually. I was taking a picture of myself at P. Ramlee's signature. Nothing much to elaborate on this... Hmm... I'm not feeling well during that time, not enough sleep and felt a little dizzy... Plus, something awful happen the next day... Hey, this is out of topic... Alright, I guess that should be all...

"Sergahan Upin & Ipin" di UNIKL

Setelah membuat "Sergahan" di UNISEL Shah Alam, kami berangkat ke UNIKL pula. Kami tiba di UNIKL dalam jam 3 p.m. Keadaan di lobby UNIKL agak suram pada awalnya. Mereka semua tidak tahu bahawa Upin & Ipin bakal menyergah mereka. Tapi ada juga pelajar yang berbisik membuat andaian sesama sendiri, tertanya-tanya mengapakah ada krew Les' Copaque berada di kawasan kampus mereka.

Lihatlah betapa hebatnya sambutan di UNIKL. Ramai di antara mereka tidak jadi hendak pulang sebaik sahaja melihat maskot muncul di kawasan lobby.

Apabila maskot muncul di perkarangan lobby UNIKL, para pelajar UNIKL semuanya terkejut. Ada juga yang menjerit dengan fanatik-Upin! Ipin! Tak sangka begitu ramai peminat Upin & Ipin di UNIKL ini.

En. Safwan dan Cik Idaman memberi kuiz filem Geng : Pengembaraan Bermula dan Upin & Ipin. Mahasiswa dan mahasiswi UNIKL berebut-rebut untuk mendapatkan pelekat kereta Geng...

Sementara menunggu kemunculan maskot buat kali kedua, En. Safwan dan penulis sempat membuat sesi kuiz Upin & Ipin. Menarik sungguh melihat gelagat warga UNIKL, bukan sahaja pelajar, malah ada juga staf yang cuba untuk menjawab soalan. Ada juga pelajar yang tidak mahu beralah semata-mata untuk mendapatkan pelekat kereta Geng.

Sekumpulan pelajar UNIKL bergambar bersama maskot Upin & Ipin

Staff Les' Copaque Production bergambar kenangan di lobby UNIKL sebelum berangkat pulang

Kami ingin mengucapkan setinggi-tinggi penghargaan kepada pihak UNIKL yang membenarkan kami untuk menjayakan program "Sergahan Upin & Ipin" ini. Kepada mereka yang masih lagi belum menonton filem Geng : Pengembaraan Bermula, cepat-cepat dapatkan tiket dan bawa kawan, keluarga, mahupun jiran untuk menonton beramai-ramai. Rugi kalau tak tengok!

"Sergahan Upin & Ipin" di UNISEL, Shah Alam

Eh, Upin Ipin! Comelnya!-Itulah kata-kata yang dikeluarkan oleh warga UNISEL sebaik sahaja maskot Upin & Ipin muncul di perkarangan UNISEL.

Ramai pelajar dan staff ingin gembira dengan kemunculan maskot Upin & Ipin

Les' Copaque Production sedang mengadakan satu program yang diberi nama "Sergahan Upin & Ipin" bagi mempromosikan filem Geng : Pengembaraan Bermula. Bukan sahaja menghiburkan, malah peminat berpeluang untuk bertemu dengan maskot dan tenaga pekerja Les' Copaque Production dengan lebih dekat. Kali ini, Zarin, Faizu, Idaman, Hanev, Faliq dan Din ditugaskan untuk menjalankan program Sergahan itu di UNISEL, Shah Alam.

Aksi Upin & Ipin dalam dewan peperiksaan

Meskipun pada mulanya pera pelajar UNISEL agak malu-malu untuk menghampiri maskot, tetapi setelah beberapa ketika, ramai yang berpusu-pusu untuk bergambar dengan maskot. Bukan sahaja pelajar, malahan staff UNISEL juga bergambar sakan bersama maskot Upin & Ipin. Ketika maskot sedang berlegar-legar diakwasan kafeteria dan ruang tengah UNISEL, nada dering ekslusif Upin & Ipin diedarkan secara percuma melalui bluetooth kepada pelajar yang berminat.

Staff UNISEL tidak melepaskan peluang untuk bergambar bersama maskot

Kami ingin mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih kepada pihak UNISEL yang membenarkan kami untuk menjalankan promosi dan program "Sergahan" ini.

Kepada peminat Upin & Ipin serta Geng, berjaga-jagalah. Mana tahu selepas ini anda akan disergah oleh Upin & Ipin!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Geng 和中国旅游客

Geng : The Adventure Begins is a real hit in the cinemas now. LCPeans now working real hard to promote the film. We went to many places around Klang Valley to survey the acceptance of the audience on the film. FYI, LCP assigned me into the event team-I'm working full time in the event team, yeay!

I have posted this in LCP blog, but here, I want to share my personal experience during this event. The best part of this event is, I met couple of tourists from China, and to be exact, they're from Guang Zhou 广州! How did I know that they're from China? Of course from their Mandarin dialects. As I spoke to them, I knew that they're not Malaysian.

Here are a short conversation between me with one of the tourist...

旅游客: 哗!你说的普通话那么好。你该是华人吧?
Wow, your Mandarin is awesome. Are you Chinese?
(I felt a little awkward when she mention the 普通话 word. It's pretty rare to use it in Malaysia)
艾达: 还好啦... 哦,不是 ,我是马来人...
Not really... No, I'm not, I'm Malay...
(Am so proud to say that I am Malay)
旅游客: 你说的很流利。真的很像华人哦...
You speak Mandarin as if you're Chinese...
艾达: 嘻嘻 ... 我以前在广州留学一个月。
Hehe... I've attend a short course at Guang Zhou before...
旅游客: 广州? 那一件大学?
Guang Zhou? Which school?

艾达: 华南理工大学。
South China University of Technology
旅游客: 我们也是广州人呀!以前我的老公也是从那件大学毕业的!

We are also from Guang Zhou. My husband graduated from that school, too!
艾达: ...

(I didn't know how to react, then I quickly ask Nachimi take a picture of us together)

She had bought the Upin & Ipin and Geng stickers and the Geng notebook. I felt extremely happy. Besides, she had bring her friends to purchase our products. Why? Read on...

They had bought three Upin & Ipin knapsacks!

旅游客: 这些是马来西亚做的吗?
Are these made in Malaysia?
艾达: 当然!这是马来西亚最出名的3D卡通片!
Absolutely, this is Malaysia's most famous 3D animation series!
(I think I'm a lil' excited here)

旅游客: 这两个是双胞胎吗?
Are they twins?
艾达: 说的没错! 有头发的是哥哥叫Upin,那没有头发的是弟弟叫Ipin。

Exactly! The one with a single hair strand is the elder brother Upin and the other one us Ipin.
(Trying very hard to control myself, but I just can't. I explain it over excitedly)

旅游客: 哦... 这怎么卖的?
How much is this?
(Pointing at the knapsack)

艾达: 这个... 28零吉,err... 不是,不是... 应该马币才对...
This... 28 ringgit, err... No, no I mean Malaysian currency...
(It's really hard for me to speak the appropriate Mandarin)

旅游客: 我们想要找本地的作品,带回家送给别人才有意思...
We're looking for local products here, it is much more meaningful to bring back local goods as momentos...
艾达: 对,对,对!

(Saying betul, betul, betul! in Mandarin)

When the tourist left, suddenly I had a strange feeling that I missed the good old days when I studied at China.

And so, anyway, there's a group of Chinese family stopped at our booth and look at the products. Here's another conversation between me and a Chinese customer.

阿姨: 这个卡通片是谁画的?
Who made this cartoon series?
艾达: 是我们做的...
It's us...
(I pointed to all of my collegues there)
阿姨: 是马来西亚人做的?
Made by Malaysians?
(Looking at me in disbelieve)
艾达: 是啊... 阿姨, 你也知道Upin和Ipin?
Yes... Auntie, how did you know about Upin & Ipin?
(I asked her curiously...)
阿姨: 我没看,可是我的孩子全部都很喜欢看 。
No, I didn't watch it. But my kids love it very much.
艾达: 阿姨, 你知道Geng吗?

Auntie, have you heard about Geng?
阿姨: 知道,知道... 我的孩子有和我说,他们很想看,可是票已经卖完了...
I know, I heard about it. My kids told me and they really wanted to watch the movie but it's really hard to get the tickets...

I helped her to bluetooth the latest Geng ring tones to her cell phone. Because she's using Mandarin features in her cell phone. (I just learned something new today. Bluetooth in Mandarin is called 蓝牙. 蓝 means blue and 牙 is tooth... What a direct translation!)

I'm so happy that even the Chinese love Upin & Ipin. Even the mother admit that it's a good medium for her kids to learn Bahasa Malaysia. I'm so glad to hear the positive reaction from a Chinese audience. I would like to state here that Geng is more than just a Malay film, it's a Malaysian film. So if you're Malaysian, you have to watch this movie.

Frankly speaking, I felt awful because I couldn't speak the appropriate Mandarin. I have to read and write more to improve my Mandarin skills. But anyway, it's a great feeling that I can promote Geng and Upin & Ipin to the tourists. Who knows that someday Upin & Ipin or Geng will enter the China market, aite?

* I wish I could write the whole conversation to share with all of you. But I don't quite remember the exact conversation. I only remembered the best part of it...

Geng Mania is ON!

Attention to all Geng and Upin & Ipin fans! Geng Mania is on!!! It's time for you to unleash your creative skills! Read on!

What you have to do is send in your photo with any Geng : The Adventure Begins poster, bunting, or standee in the most creative way. Email your photo in .jpg format to before February 28th, 2009. Please include your details such as full name, IC no., address, contact number, and perhaps location of the photo taken. Please send in your photo as original as it is, edited photos will be automatically disqualified. Winner will receive a mystery gift from Les' Copaque Production.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Takoyaki at One Utama

We had a Geng : The Adventure Begins Road Tour two days ago at One Utama Damansara. Me, Nachimi and Hasan went to Subway for lunch because we still have the February coupon. After that, we went to a Takoyaki restaurant infront of Cold Storage. This is Nachimi's first experience eating Tako. And he likes it... Yeay~!

This is Takoyaki. Three of us shared a set of Tako. From left: Mine, Nachimi's, and Hasan's.

I ate mine... Trying to steal other two...

How to eat tako... Nachimi is demonstrating the right way to eat tako while Hasan is watching with full excitement...

Erk~ Alhamdulillah...

Simply delicious! One tako isn't enough for each one of us. After watching Geng at GSC, we went back to the Takoyaki restaurant and had Okonoyaki. Okonoyaki tastes good, too... There's no picture of Okonoyaki, cuz it's in my tummy... Yum~~

Lawatan dari Politeknik Sultan Idris Shah

Kemunculan siri animasi Upin & Ipin yang semakin mendapat tempat di hati penonton serta kemunculan kembar kesayangan ini buat julung kalinya di pawagam dalam filem Geng : Pengembaraan Bermula sedang hangat diperkatakan oleh seluruh rakyat Malaysia terutamanya peminat animasi 3D. Pada 10hb Februari 2009, seramai 38 orang pelajar Politeknik Sultan Idris Shah bersama beberapa orang pensyarah telah datang untuk melihat proses animasi 3D dengan lebih dekat.

Lawatan kali ini dikendalikan oleh En. Razuri dan Cik Ida.

Salah seorang pelajar sedang merakam "presentation" oleh En. Razuri dan Cik Ida. Kesemuanya tekun mendengar taklimat dan pelbagai soalan diajukan berkenaan dengan proses pembikinan animasi di Les' Copaque Production.

En. Zaki sedang menerangkan proses rakaman audio dan bagaimana kesan bunyi dihasilkan. Para pelajar sungguh teruja memasuki sutio rakaman dan demonstrasi kesan bunyi juga menarik perhatian mereka.

En. Akmal menerangkan bagaimana proses model watak dilakukan.

En. Nazmi selaku animator memberi penerangan tentang proses animasi dengan penuh bersemangat.

En. Raffe menerangkan proses rendering kepada para pelajar.

Sempat membeli barangan eksklusif Geng : Pengembaraan bermula dan upin & Ipin di WOG.

Diharapakan para pelajar serta pensyarah dari Politeknik Sultan Idris Shah berpuas hati dengan penerangan dari pihak kami. Semoga lawatan ke Les' Copaque Production sedikit sebanyak telah membakar semangat para pelajar untuk menaikkan lagi industri animasi Malaysia.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tempahan Tiket Ekslusif Filem Geng

Berita baik kepada semua peminat yang bercadang untuk menonton filem animasi GENG pada hari pertama tayangan kerana Les' Copaque akan menganjurkan tayangan bersama-sama pada 12 Februari 2009. Selain menonton filem GENG, anda juga berpeluang beramah mesra dengan krew Les' Copaque serta pelakon suara disebalik filem GENG.

Jangan lepaskan peluang ini kerana tiket adalah terhad kepada 100 tempahan pertama sahaja. Setiap pembelian tiket akan disertakan goodies bag GENG. Sila hubungi nombor yang tertera di atas atau sila hubungi 03 – 5511 8089 untuk maklumat lanjut.

Kepada sesiapa yang telah membuat pembayaran sila maklumkan kepada kami supaya memudahkan proses tempahan.

Credits to: Mediahorizon

Monday, February 9, 2009

Tag! You're it!

Tagged by Kecikun~ Funny silly questions, but I do enjoy answering all of it. Enjoy!

1. Apakah benda yang paling penting dalam hidup kamu?
-Duit la...

2. Apakah benda terakhir yang kamu beli dengan wang sendiri?
- Biskoot Jacob (RM10.90)

3. Di manakah tempat impian perkahwinan kamu?

- Am soo allergic with this "kahwin" thingy lately...

4. Berapa lama anda rasa hubungan kamu berkekalan?
-Xmao jawab...

5. Adakah anda dilamun cinta?
- Always... 我很花心的~~

6. Di manakah restoran terakhir kamu makan malam?
- Xdinner lg

7. Namakan buku terakhir yang kamu beli?
- Novel: Eclipse

8. Apakah nama penuh kamu?
- Ida Shaheera Binti Azhar

9. Kamu lebih senang dengan mak atau ayah?
- Macam same je...

10. Namakan seseorang yang kamu ingin jumpa untuk pertama kalinya dalam hidup anda?
- Hmm... Xde lg wat masa ni...

11. Sebutkan 8 nama sahabat yang paling rapat dengan kamu?
-Render Pal
-Kak Ezra

12. Adakah kamu mencuci pakaian anda sendiri?
- Tidak, kerana washing machine yg melakukannya...

13. Tempat yang paling seronok kamu mahu pegi?
- Paling seronok? Nak g study balik kat China kot...

14. Pelukan atau ciuman?
-Usapan di kepala sudah cukup menenangkan (^^)

15. Butirkan 5 perkara tentang orang yang tag kamu.
- My house mate
- Junk food lover
- A real camwhore
- Florescent freak
- Proud mac user

16. 8 perkara yang amat saya gilai.
- Books
- Wide bold frame specs
- Blogging
- Vibrant colours
- Pendant
- Stamps
- 3rd Languages
- Copying down SMSes

17. 8 perkataan yang sering di ucapkan.
- Bunnee~ (Nama sesiapa sahaja dgn nada yg menjengkelkan)
- Kesian ___ <--- Diikuti dgn nama org
- Happiness!
- Aum! (Sambil gigit Happiness)
- Burp~ (Sendawa dgn sengaja)
- Baiklah

- WTH??
- Ugh~!

18. 8 buah buku yang paling terbaru dibaca.
- The Complete Adventure of Charlie and Mr. Willy Wonka (Gift from Bunnee)
- Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone
- 7000 Mutiara Kata
- Comic Book Tattoo (Xhabis baca lg, Nachimi punye)
- The Day I Swapped My Dad with Two Goldfish (Nachimi punye jgk)
- The Art of War for Women
- Twilight
- New Moon (stops at chapter 11)

19. 8 lagu yang saya boleh dengar berulang kali.
- 梁静茹和黄品冠明明很爱你 (lagu lama)
- Laila's LoungeMawar Khayalan
- Jason Mraz ft Colbie Caillat–Lucky
- BunkfaceSituasi
- Secondhand SerenadeFall For You
- Britney SpearsCircus
- FiaAda Rindu Ada Cemburu
- Micheal BubleEverything

20. 8 perkara yang saya pelajari tahun lalu
- Belajar model guna Maya
- Belajar render
- Maya Keyboard shortcut... YeargH!
- Belajar value duit (sejak dah keje nih..)
- Kira duit (Thanx to my financial adviser)
- Belajar main gitar?
- Belajar untuk menjadi pembaca yg tegar
- Jangan cepat perasan

21. Mari men'tag' 8 orang lain.
- Bunnee
- Yuki
- Ee Jean
- Nell
- Nurul
- Effa
- Agent Sesat
- Farha Shaifful

Friday, February 6, 2009

Upin & Ipin Musim Baru

Seperti yang telah dimaklumkan dalam post sebelum ini, Upin & Ipin telah kembali dengan siri terbaru iaitu Upin & Ipin dan kawan-kawan. Ikuti dan selami imaginasi mereka yang penuh dengan fantasi yang menggembirakan yang pasti akan meninggalakan kesan di hati anda. Untuk mengetahui waktu siaran dengan lebih lanjut sila klik di sini.

Sehingga kini, tiga episod sudah pun ditayangkan di TV9, diharapkan anda semua terhibur dengan siri terbaru ini. Kepada mereka yang telah terlepas untuk menyaksikan Upin & Ipin dan kawan-kawan, anda boleh menyaksikannya di Youtube dan di laman web rasmi Upin & Ipin. Jangan lupa untuk menyaksikan Upin & Ipin beraksi di pawagam seluruh Malaysia dalam filem Geng : Pengembaraan Bermula pada 12hb Februari 2009 nanti.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The New Character Stand is Here!

One day, around 6:30 pm... EeJean suddenly screaming as loud as she can, as hyper as always: The Character Stand is HERE~!! Let's take a picture!!

As excited as we can be, all of us (not really) running and shouting happily to see the new character stand. Obviously, the new character stand is way much better than the old ones. The colour of the characters are so bright and their poses are livelier.

So here we are, with the new character stand.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Eclipse v(^_^)

Yeah, finally I bought the third book Eclipse just now at MPH Giant, Section 13. Yeah~!

Me and my twin sista!

Just for fun. Both of us wear red shirt today. Plus, Away brought her lovely red checkered scarf. It's a coincidence that both of us have the same style today. Wide frame specs, necklace and same coloured scarf and shirt. Coolness~~

-So-called twin sista-

Still having fun during critical hour, mana tak kene marah... Anyway, I will 好
的加油 (^_^)v

Upin & Ipin dan Kawan-kawan!

Attention to all Upin & Ipin fans! The most famous Malaysian twin brother, Upin & Ipin are back! Don't miss to catch them on TV9. Here is the schedule...

Anyway, Geng : Pengembaraan Bermula will be in cinemas on February 12th, 2009!

Subway Experience

31st January 2009 (Saturday): The last day of the month... Hasan buzzed me on YM in all of sudden, sending me a top secret proposal...

Hasan: Esok 1 Februari kan?
Idaman: Yup~~
Hasan: Saya ada kupon Subway, jom gunakan hari ni nak? Kalau X, bila lagi?
Idaman: Bole juga ni, akan ku hantar proposal ini kepada Ee...

and our conversation ends... After Maghrib, four of us went to Subway for dinner. This is Ee and Nazmi first Subway experience. It seems like Ee doesn't really enjoy this...

Ee: Thumbs down for Subway!

I told them about one book-Salahudin Al-Ayubi (If I'm not mistaken) which I saw few days ago. I was attracted to the tag line-Saladin once said that, the one who conquer Jerusalem will conquer the world. It just keeps me wonder... I wanted to buy the book, but since I have bought New Moon and Breaking Dawn, I couldn't afford another. Perhaps next month...

Then Nachimi shares a little bit of his games passion. He was once addicted to a war game ( I couldn't remember the name of the game-I'm just a typical girl who doesn't really enjoy playing computer games. Perhaps I'll paste here later-Ahah~! It's Assassin Creed, thanx to Ee). The game is extremely seductive that made him curious to know more about it. The game is developed by Ubisoft and he shared a fact with us that the producer of the game is a women! And she's damn hawt~!

After I google for a while. I found her website. Her name is Jade Raymond. Yes, she is hot... She was even nominated as one of the top 10 sexiest geek. What bothers Nachimi was the producer of the game. He was wondering how can someone who is so hot and sexy can be a producer. In fact, she's a geek. She should be model or something instead of game producer...

That's indeed a great info I earn while we were having dinner at Subway. I hope you have also earn a new info after reading this post. Thank you Nachimi-chan~!

Monday, February 2, 2009


2009 新年快乐

虽然有点迟, 可是我还是想祝福大家





Ramadhan is Coming & I Miss China So Bad!

Assalamualaikum and hello again guys, Terawih starts tonight and I always get an epiphany when Ramadhan is coming. It's 30th Syaaba...