Saturday, January 17, 2009

Senjata Terhebat

For the very first time, I wrote something which is quite personal for me to share with others. But I think it's alright. Apparently, I've posted: Senjata Terhebat untuk Kawan Baik in my YM status. Many friends and colleagues asked me what Senjata Terhebat actually is?

Currently, I went to a bookshop somewhere at Shah Alam with Bunnee. I was nailed to a book entitled Senjata Terhebat. I was wondering why is that book called Senjata Terhebat? As I flip through, the book is filled with doa. So now you know what Senjata Terhebat is. Interesting isn't it?

Praying (Berdoa) indeed is the Greatest Power on Earth. There are couple of times when I was so confused, hopeless and feeling down. Knowing that no one would listen, I started to pray. I do believe that Allah listen to me when no one else does.

There was once Bunnee and I were cheated by someone that we used to call "friend" (but not anymore). I still remember perfectly how the situation is. For the very first time in my whole life I cried so hard, and for the first time I saw Bunnee throwing and kicking stuff like mad. As far as I know him, Bunnee is a very calm person and he rarely (not even once) shout nor bark or even cursing with harsh words.

Unsure what is the best way to calm him down, I started to ask him to pray with me. Hoping that he would feel better then. Doa is definitely the best weapon. After that, I wrote down a doa. After solat, I loudspeaker my cellphone and both of us recite the doa together. Doa is a great theraphy. Alhamdulillah, both of us felt way much better after that.

Realising that how powerful doa and Allah is the Mightiest of All. I wanted to share with my bestfriends. I asked them, do you have something that you desperately want that money cannot buy? And yes, each one of them have their own wish. I keep the wishlist in my mind so that each time I pray, I would pray for them, too. That's why I posted Senjata Terhebat untuk Kawan Baik in my YM status. The best gift a friend would give.

Not just bestfriends. I pray for myself, parents, family, loved ones, nevertheless, to all mu'min. I still remember my Ustazah once told me that as a Muslim, we shall never give up praying. That is the least but the best that we can do.
... Jangan berhenti berdoa untuk umat Islam sedunia...
So here, I would like to share a doa, which is Qunut Nazilah with you

Ya Allah, sesungguhnya kami meletakkan-Mu di batang-batang leher musuh-musuh kami
Dan kami berlindung dengan-Mu daripada kejahatan-kejahatan mereka
Ya Allah, leburkanlah kumpulan-kumpulan mereka
Pecah belahkan dan kacau bilaukan persatuan mereka
Goncangkan pendirian mereka
Dan hantarkanlah anjing-anjing Mu ke atas mereka
Wahai Tuhan Yang Gagah Perkasa
Wahai Tuhan Yang Maha Penghukum
Wahai Tuhan yang bersifat murka
Ya Allah, Ya Allah, Ya Allah
Wahai Tuhan yang menurunkan Kitab,
Wahai Tuhan yang mengarakkan awan
Wahai Tuhan yang menewaskan bala tentera al-Ahzab
Kalahkan mereka dan menangkan kami ke atas mereka.

Doa qunut Nazilah dibaca ketika musibah atau kesulitan menimpa kaum Muslimin, seperti peperangan, terbunuhnya kaum Muslimin atau diserangnya kaum Muslimin oleh orang-orang kafir. Please click here for more info.

My point here is, while you are having fun, clubbing here and there as if there is no Hari Kiamat. Ingatlah, sedara se-Islam kita sedang berperang di Gaza. Sekian terima kasih.

PS: I'm not really good at expresssing my own feelings, ideas, and thoughts. I'm not really good in writing. So, do forgive me if my writing sounds harsh, or maybe "unprofessional" to some of the readers. No hard feelings~


Googoozool said...

Let's pray for a better world, ameen~ .

AddamBlack said...

definitely senjata terhebat...

IdaMandarin said...

Yes, it is...

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