Friday, January 16, 2009

New Year, New specs, and more books!

Happy New Year! Oops~ I know, I know... I should've post this earlier... But I am so busy lately. It's 2009 and yes, getting older and older. Some might say that they're forever young at heart and age is just a number, but someone recently told me that no matter how hard you're trying to hide or pretend to act like a child... Hey, kau dah tualah! Huhuhu~

Check out my new specs! GAP eyewear... I think I have to stick to nerd specs. It's cool to be nerd... Photo taken by Ee... Memang jengkel!

New year's resolution? Yeah, I do have... But not gonna tell you here... Anyway, on January 1st 2009... Bunnee and I went to Sunway Pyramid. We had Subway BMT and Chicken Teriyaki for lunch that day. Yummy~ (This is the first time Bunnee eat Subway Sandwiches and he loves it!)

Bunnee and I went to MPH. While he was chatting with his friend Bob, I went to Leadership and Marketing section and look for any interesting books (need to build my self confidence). I saw a book which I have been looking all over since-女儿兵法 The Art of War for Women Sun Tzu's Ancient Strategies and Wisdom for Winning at Work written by Chin-Ning Chu.

Have you ever read 孙子兵法 (Sun Tzu The Art of War)? I think my teacher used to mentioned the book when I was in primary school. When I was in standard 6 ( yeah, I still remember I'm in 6B class), my Mandarin teacher 苏宝玉老师 suggested us (my class to read it). Because it is one of the must read book. I assume that it must a great book that time. But since I did not practice to write Chinese character and read Mandarin materials much, I could not read the original version of Art of War.

Finally, I bought The Art of war for Women and Twilight written by Stephenie Meyer. Although I watched the movie (not my favourite though), I still bought the book with no particular reason. As an average reader, I think Stephenie Meyer's writing is a good read and deeply seductive. (Honestly, I don't read much-but still trying, and my English is really bad)

I did not attempt to buy books at first, but I just keep on abusing my cash! But books should be fine... Thanks to Bunnee for his endless support and keep on encouraging me to read more and more. Plus, I'm using my scriptwriter allowance (hoho... I'm glad to hear that I still have hidden savings under Bunnee's account) to buy those books. Damn~ Gaji dah nak abes! (-_-)"

F.Y.I: The Art of War was written bu Sun Tzu some 2,500 years ago and it is the most influential book on strategy ever published. In 1772 Sun Tzu's Art of War was translated into French and it is widely believed that Napoleon Bonaparte read and adopted many of Master Sun's Strategies.

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fun fliffy said...

HNY09 ida !!!
love the new specs...
so cute the way u pose bebeh :)
hehe ~~ you should do better if you do scrapbook dear..hehe..keep on designing !~~

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