Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Upin & Ipin at MITC Melaka : Day 3

So here we are again... I forgot to mention why the title starts with Day 2 instead of 1... This is because I'm handling an event at Sri Pentas. Please read previous post - Upin & Ipin at Sri Pentas. Yeah, we're back. Anyway, last night, me, Panpan, Hasan, YP, EeJean and Faiz went to MBO to watch Los Dan Faun. Hmm... The characters are interesting but the humor, storyline, and ending are terrible! I won't elaborate much on the movie, let's focus on the third (finale) day.

Me and Ida while handling the Musical Chair game...

Today, we had Upin & Ipin quiz, and Musical Chair. During the Musical chair session, I can only have 20 children at one time because there are not enough chairs. Again, am so upset because I couldn't let all of those children to join and play the game. However, I had great time with them.

The Mascot is here!

The event end at 530pm. But there are still lots of people keep on coming and buying the products. All of the notepads, Upin & Ipin button badge, pink sling bag (round) and pencil case are completely sold out! That's a record! YeargH~!

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