Ikan Bakar!

After a long day of hard work, Safwan brought us all to Ikan Bakar at Crystal Bay, Melaka. All of the seafood here are really fresh and delicious. All of us enjoyed the seafood except for Panpan, because he's allergic to seafood... Am allergic to seafood, too. But who cares about that when it comes to food!

After dinner... Thumbs up!-Nell

We have nasi lemak, otak-otak, ikan kembung bakar, sweet sour, mussels, sotong goreng tepung, orange and watermelon juice! Burp~! Alhamdulillah...

Everyone is really happy after dinner. This picture was taken using my phone cam, am not in there.


mediahorizon said…
nyum nyum, air kosong free kupang... mmg best

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