Friday, December 12, 2008

Hi-5 Bread Town

Yeah, we went to Hi-5 Bread Town, somewhere at Shah Alam. It's really interesting to know the bread history and see how they make bread in the factory. The best part about visiting this factory is, the Hi-5 owner (I'm not so sure what his name is) collects flour packaging from all over the world! Perhaps I can make my sms gallery someday... Unfortunately, I don't have much picture to post it in here... We are not allowed to take picture in there, it's confidential...

Breads around the World- It's really interesting to know that almost every country have their own signature bread. There's a huge world map at the entrance which has many bread light boxes on it, and when you press the red button, the bread will glow and you can read the information about bread. Coolness...

Me with the bread makers from all over the world.

On our way back to the office, me, Anas and Hilman had a short interesting conversation in the car...
Anas: Kau tahu tak kenapa mat salleh kata "that's my bread and butter"?
Me: Tahu, sebab tu makanan utama diaorang...
Hilman: Kalau orang India?
Anas: Hmm... Hey, that's my Capatti and Dhal man~
Hilman: Melayu?
Anas: That's my nasi campur man!
Hilman: Kalau orang Cina?
Anas: Err... That's my... (The Chinese eat everything right?)


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