Monday, December 22, 2008

Fun at One Utama Damansara~!

Me, Hanis, Hasan anda Mumu went to One Utama at Damansara for movies! Yeah~! We watch The Day The Earth Stood Still (such a long title...) and Bolt. Perhaps in some other time, we should have a movie marathon.

We went to Carl's Jr. for dinner... I accidentally forgot that I consumed a McChicken before... Huhuhu... Let's put some weights!

Ohoho... Forgot to mention the awesome Chilli fries... Honestly, eating is a therapy for me. More or less it's like an escapism for me from my problems... Sigh~ -_-"

Me and Hanis shared Double Western Combo together. The burger is damn huge! Besides, tak habis pun...

Me and Hanis...

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