Fun at MITC

Here are few cool shots when we're at MITC. I do have great time there... Hope you can feel the excitement, too.

Am holding an albino python. I was a bit scared to hold it actually... Kak Ezra have a python as a pet and the size is definitely not as big as this...

Me and EeJean while coaching the twins to say few lines to promote Geng. FYI, they both can speak Mandarin...

With the perfume girls... Thank you for your cooperation... :) (They're really friendly)

Yeah, a pair of twins... (what am I saying?)

It's Heliza! Am not her fan actally, but she's one of Upin & Ipin fan, that's for sure... Har har and har har some more!

Hey look! Upin and me at A' Famosa...

Me and EeJean with Ipin!


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