Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rainbow Cheers Up My Day :)

Can you guess what is that? Colourful isn't it? It's a rainbow jelly. It's a small gift from Mr. Panpan. Since I'm fasting today, I think I'm gonna leave it until berbuka. It's really nice, more like a piece of art. I love it very much, I even place this pic as my YM avatar. But this is Mr. Panpan's reaction when he sees it...

Rainbow Jelly, wonder how does it tastes like?

Ida_Mandarin : Look at my avatar~!
Mr. Panpan: lol
Mr. Panpan: thats so you
Mr. Panpan: spastic-ness of colours

Whatever you say Mr. Panpan... Rainbow makes my day :)

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