Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Potluck Bukit Jelutong 2008

Potluck? What's that? A pot filled with luck is it? Whatever... That was my first impression when I heard that word... On 9th October 2008 (Thursday), the Les' Copaque family members has decided to made a Potluck Party (Ape benda ni?) at Bukit Jelutong. Each one of us has to bring food and then we will share it together-What kind of definition is this?

Just to name few (there's a lot more actually):
Mumu - Lontong
Kak Ijan - Nasi Lemak
Yong Pin & Ee Jean - Ice-Cream
Safwan, Shafiq, Hasan & Idaman- Dominos Pizza
UNIKL - Nuggets & Fries
Faren - Fruits
Haris & Chikod - Drinks

We have sate and peanut gravy, secret recipe cakes, cakes, kuih raya, ayamas, and so much more! Yummy~!

After office hour, Hasan, Nachimi, Ee and I went to Giant to buy fries, nuggets, scallops (this is extremely delicious!-Hasan Pick), and sausages. After that, Hasan and I went to Dominos Pizza to purchase four Xtra Large NY crust Pizza. It's really huge, and I mean, really huge... 15"

Nachimi, Ee and Me in the kitchen. Feel free to visit www.lescopaque.com/resipi... Hahaha...

The best part of this event is cooking with friends. Honestly, I don't feel like I'm with my friends when they're around, they really make me feel like I am a part of the family. But Ee told me that you won't feel embarrassed when you're cooking with your friends, because they don't even know how to cook... Really Mr. Ee? Suddenly I felt like I'm one of the UNIKL students... Weird isn't it?

Happy faces all around... Smile!

Dah rentung! But still, it tastes real good... Yum, yum~!

Me and Hasan, enjoying the NY crust pizza.

All of the LCPeans love to eat so very much. Though I'm a newcomer around, (Baru lepas probation, hehehe...) but this company will always find a happy hour so that all of the LCP members could socialize and get to know each other well. And yes, more updates coming soon!


Razuri Ajmain said...

ye lah tue~
memang tak perlu lah kita malu-memalu antara satu sama lain..
En.Nachimi sendiri pon hanya lah ada degree dalam kursus memasak air...
sile2 jemput2...

Ahmad Razuri Ajmain

IdaMandarin said...

Bukankah kita semua memang ada degree dalam kursus memasak nugget bundle? Sudahkah anda lupa En. Ee?

Pop+corn! said...

bestnye makan makan makan

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