Thursday, October 16, 2008

MSC Malaysia APICTA 2008 Awards Night

Date: 15th October 2008 (Wednesday)
Time: 8:00pm
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Cent re (KLPAC)
Dress Code: Black Tie

Geng: The Adventure Begins-Merit Award (Best of Media Entertainment Category)

15th October 2008 (Morning)-Asyraf told me that he could not make it to the APICTA tonight, so, he's looking for someone who can replace him. When he asked me, it's really hard for me to say no. How lucky I was! I never thought that I could get a chance to go to such a prestigious event. Now I know how cinderella felt when she could go to the ball... What a metaphor...

We had a visit from UiTM Pahang today. I felt so wrong to run away from the fans (Plus, Mr. Panpan is the hot stuff of the day. He doesn't need to be a voice actor to get other's people attention, "nuff said.) Mr. Panpan sends me home and then we went back to the office. Thank you so much Mr. Panpan! :)

6:00 pm-We're leaving the office and off to KLPAC (We had map!). It rains heavily. Safwan showed me the invitation cards. Wow, I like sugar paper... That's all. Hehehe... Oh yes, Zaid and Safwan are one of the award announcer for Best of Tertiary Student Project. Zaid is really nervous and both of them were given a script which sounds not-so-funny to me. The Krik-krik joke...

8:00 pm-Arrived at KLPAC.
This is the first time I enters KLPAC, what a magnificent place, I love the buildings there. It's artistic! Safwan, Zaid and I went to registration counter first while waiting for others to come. I saw Sarimah Ibrahim with my own eyes. My, she's beautiful... She's the host of the night.

During the awards giving ceremony, in the theater hall...

8:30 pm-We enter the theatre hall and look for our seat. Macam dalam wayang. Camelia sings "Seiring dan Sejalan" in the opening. I get a little culture shock when I see all the dancers enters the stage. Honestly, I think the so-called-fusion-dance polluting Malaysian culture. I only love the harpist, she's assisting Shafinaz during her performance. I just love musician. We also had Adibah Noor that night. This event is a bit lame to me. Because they didn't show us a short preview of the project. So I couldn't imagine how and kept wondering why the winners won. Oh well, congratulations to all the winners.

Macam Top 10 Most Eligible Bachelors. Err... I mean nine... Safwan's married (and Zaid is next). From left: Dzubir, Keng Sun, Zaid (behind me), Seng Kee, Safwan, Hasan, Ehsan, Nazmi, Faizu and Ee.

Ye~ah! We just got back from KLPAC, everyone seems so energetic!


Raywai said...
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Raywai said...

Hi Ida,

I m Ray Liew from Silverlake System Sdn. Bhd. I was there on tat nite too. I totally agree KLPAC is Grand and the event even GORGEOUS.^^.
But my situation different with u, i m marketing support executive, so i muz attend to the dinner...little secret to share, less people fromn my company willing to attend such kind of sad...
Btw, can u send me some picture for tat nite?I m collecting APICTA 2008 pictures.^^.Thz first.谢谢。^^.


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