Monday, October 6, 2008

Genting Trip

I'm pretty sure that most of us here are still in Raya mode. A few days ago, Anas phoned me and invite me to join an unofficial Genting Trip before Eid's holidays end. Huhuhu... Anas called me, I'm touched... Damn~! I'm so excited to have fun there!

8:00 am: Mumu come to my house and fetch me. All of us except Faizu had our breakfast at Section 13.

10:00 am (I guess, so): The Journey had just begun! Yeay!

12:00 noon: Cable car ride... I didn't know that Anas got Acrophobia
. I thought he was kidding and making weird and funny faces (like he used to, he's really good in acting). But he really freaked out... Sorry Anas... After a while in the cable car, he was okay then...

From left: Me, PanPan, Anas, Hasan, Faiz and Mumu.

2:00 pm: After the rain had stopped, we went to the outdoor theme park. (I don't want to mention about the 4D thingy here. Damn!) Our very first ride is the Space Shot! Anas, Faiz and Mumu were so scared of heights. I mean they really scared of heights. But I had a great time riding all of the thrill rides there... I had a hydrophobia, huhuhu...

Yeah, we're in London... The Double Decker bus is actually a restaurant.

Mission accomplished~! Flying Coaster is real awesome!

Hehehe... I passed the height measurement test! I'm 150cm! I can ride 'em all!

This lovely pix was taken by a Mr. Tall Clown around the Family rides area. It's foggy...

As conclusion... "We balik petang after a day of fun and awesomeness..."


mediahorizon said...

another awesome trip.. walaupun saya pejam mata

IdaMandarin said...

Yeah! Jom pergi lagi!!

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