Support Upin&Ipin, Say No to Piracy!

Attention to all Upin & Ipin fans! Today we found something disturbing. (Although we were aware of it already.) Here are two comparison between the pirated Upin&Ipin VCD and the original one.

Pirated Upin&Ipin VCD

Original Upin&Ipin VCD

This morning, Ehsan gave me a pirated VCD of Upin&Ipin Edisi Ramadhan. It's actually from Azim, he bought it at Mydin, Subang Jaya. This VCD is being sold at RM 12.90. Of course, the quality is not as good as the original one (which you can simply download from Youtube rather than wasting RM12.90), and the content is different from what is shown on the cover. Plus, the packaging is really cheap and you can see how awful it is compared to the original one.

To all Upin & Ipin fans, if you find this VCD or perhaps DVD, please report it to us and DON'T BUY IT! Support the Malaysian Animation industry...


uDeshaH said…
hye askum...
ermm..thre is 1 shop at pekan alor gajah melaka (pasar alor gajah), sell upin n ipin's pirated cd..and i saw 1 young boy bought it frm thre..and no wonder, they played the video inside the shop with the super high volume of upin&ipin's voice..i think it attracks people to buy it, LCP crew, take action..haiyakkkkk!

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