Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Support Upin&Ipin, Say No to Piracy!

Attention to all Upin & Ipin fans! Today we found something disturbing. (Although we were aware of it already.) Here are two comparison between the pirated Upin&Ipin VCD and the original one.

Pirated Upin&Ipin VCD

Original Upin&Ipin VCD

This morning, Ehsan gave me a pirated VCD of Upin&Ipin Edisi Ramadhan. It's actually from Azim, he bought it at Mydin, Subang Jaya. This VCD is being sold at RM 12.90. Of course, the quality is not as good as the original one (which you can simply download from Youtube rather than wasting RM12.90), and the content is different from what is shown on the cover. Plus, the packaging is really cheap and you can see how awful it is compared to the original one.

To all Upin & Ipin fans, if you find this VCD or perhaps DVD, please report it to us and DON'T BUY IT! Support the Malaysian Animation industry...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Upin & Ipin FanClub Open House

On 19th October 2008 (Saturday)-Les' Copaque Production has successfully carried out an exclusive fan club Raya open house event at our office. As usual, I'm host for the day and frankly speaking, I'm so damn nervous that day. This is the 5th time though... I just don't know why I have this stage fright... Perhaps the crowds and the cameras... I hate when people staring straight at me. Huhuhu... Yes, while waiting for the guests to come, we had a short quiz. Thankfully Ee Jean was there assisting me in front of the crowds. It was fun!

Next, uncle gave a short speech. Yes, without him, Les' Copaque Production, Geng and Upin&Ipin wouldn't be here today. We have a voice demonstration by the actors today. The crowds can meet the voice actors and chase for their autograph! The best part is when Jarjit appears. Jarjit is hilarious and loud. Hmm... What else? Just look at the pictures and hope you can feel the excitement, too! Daa~!

During the quiz session with Ee Jean...

During the voice demonstration session with the voice actors. From Left- Fizi (ida Rahayu), Upin&Ipin (Teah), Ehsan (Syahmi), Mail (Asrul), MeiMei (Ee Jean), Jarjit (Shafiq) and Kak Ros (Me) . Jarjit is the best actor, yes, everybody loves Jarjit...

With Best Dressed Boy and Girl... They're so adorable!

With the fans. Some might say Kak Ros is real scary, but she had quite number of fans though...

And not to forget, with the mascots...

Peraduan Tiru Gaya Upin&Ipin

Les' Copaque Production dengan bangganya menganjurkan peraduan terbaru iaitu "Tiru Gaya Upin & Ipin". Peraduan ini terbuka kepada semua rakyat Malaysia dan semua peringkat umur.

Cara Menyertai :
  1. Rekod video lakonan sebagai Upin & Ipin dan hantarkan melalui pos atau email.
  2. Lakonan tersebut mestilah menampilkan ciri-ciri sebarang watak dalam siri animasi Upin & Ipin.
  3. Semua video rakaman mestilah dalam lingkungan 30 saat.
  4. Video yang dihantar mestilah dalam format VCD/DVD atau format komputer seperti .avi atau .mov
Hadiah :
  1. Pemenang mingguan akan memenangi hadiah eksklusif barangan Upin & Ipin.
  2. Pemenang Utama untuk hadiah bulanan akan diumumkan pada setiap hujung bulan.
Untuk sebarang berita terkini sila layari

Friday, October 24, 2008

Warehouse Sale Craze

Metrojaya Warehouse sale is on! Yesterday, I went to Malawati Stadium Shah Alam with Faiz, Hasan, Kak Dini, Ida, Faizu, Ehsan, Yuki and Shahrul. What a crowd! But yes, I finally bought these two. It's 212 EDT Carolina Herrera 100ml-RM120 and Midnight Fantasy Britney Spears 50ml-RM90. It's not worth it but awesome! "Nuff said!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rainbow Cheers Up My Day :)

Can you guess what is that? Colourful isn't it? It's a rainbow jelly. It's a small gift from Mr. Panpan. Since I'm fasting today, I think I'm gonna leave it until berbuka. It's really nice, more like a piece of art. I love it very much, I even place this pic as my YM avatar. But this is Mr. Panpan's reaction when he sees it...

Rainbow Jelly, wonder how does it tastes like?

Ida_Mandarin : Look at my avatar~!
Mr. Panpan: lol
Mr. Panpan: thats so you
Mr. Panpan: spastic-ness of colours

Whatever you say Mr. Panpan... Rainbow makes my day :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Buka Puasa at Carl's Junior

Missed this post. This is the very first time I went to Carl's Junior and have this huge and extremely enormous burger. Quite costly but it's worth it. The Chili Fries are awesome! But I won't have Carl's Junior for another 6 months! Ugh~! Muak sangat2!

What a damn huge burger!

Peace! Sebelum buka Puasa... I'm waiting for my burger...

From front (Clockwise): Mumu, Safwan, Away, Yuki, Keng Sun, Hasan, Hidhir and Idaman!
Not in this picture: Ee (Amik gambar)

Let's read what Mumu thinks about this Carl Junior Moment...

Friday, October 17, 2008

After APICTA Awards...

After APICTA Awards. Yeah, it's really hard to see the LCP guys wearing complete suit. (Ini telah menambahkan lagi peratusan kekacakan mereka). For your information, all of them are still single, and ready to mingle~! Here are few shots after the event. Me and the UNIKL students, Panpan, Ee, Nachimi and Hasan.

Macam group Mafia. Four of them together...

Another pix of four of them together again... Hmm...

Me and Hasan. One of my favourite pix. Mari bergambar bersama kain "bonda". Hehehe...

My favourite pix of the day. How lovely! But Nachimi is not in. Huhuhu...

Final shot from me before going back home. Swe~et!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

MSC Malaysia APICTA 2008 Awards Night

Date: 15th October 2008 (Wednesday)
Time: 8:00pm
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Cent re (KLPAC)
Dress Code: Black Tie

Geng: The Adventure Begins-Merit Award (Best of Media Entertainment Category)

15th October 2008 (Morning)-Asyraf told me that he could not make it to the APICTA tonight, so, he's looking for someone who can replace him. When he asked me, it's really hard for me to say no. How lucky I was! I never thought that I could get a chance to go to such a prestigious event. Now I know how cinderella felt when she could go to the ball... What a metaphor...

We had a visit from UiTM Pahang today. I felt so wrong to run away from the fans (Plus, Mr. Panpan is the hot stuff of the day. He doesn't need to be a voice actor to get other's people attention, "nuff said.) Mr. Panpan sends me home and then we went back to the office. Thank you so much Mr. Panpan! :)

6:00 pm-We're leaving the office and off to KLPAC (We had map!). It rains heavily. Safwan showed me the invitation cards. Wow, I like sugar paper... That's all. Hehehe... Oh yes, Zaid and Safwan are one of the award announcer for Best of Tertiary Student Project. Zaid is really nervous and both of them were given a script which sounds not-so-funny to me. The Krik-krik joke...

8:00 pm-Arrived at KLPAC.
This is the first time I enters KLPAC, what a magnificent place, I love the buildings there. It's artistic! Safwan, Zaid and I went to registration counter first while waiting for others to come. I saw Sarimah Ibrahim with my own eyes. My, she's beautiful... She's the host of the night.

During the awards giving ceremony, in the theater hall...

8:30 pm-We enter the theatre hall and look for our seat. Macam dalam wayang. Camelia sings "Seiring dan Sejalan" in the opening. I get a little culture shock when I see all the dancers enters the stage. Honestly, I think the so-called-fusion-dance polluting Malaysian culture. I only love the harpist, she's assisting Shafinaz during her performance. I just love musician. We also had Adibah Noor that night. This event is a bit lame to me. Because they didn't show us a short preview of the project. So I couldn't imagine how and kept wondering why the winners won. Oh well, congratulations to all the winners.

Macam Top 10 Most Eligible Bachelors. Err... I mean nine... Safwan's married (and Zaid is next). From left: Dzubir, Keng Sun, Zaid (behind me), Seng Kee, Safwan, Hasan, Ehsan, Nazmi, Faizu and Ee.

Ye~ah! We just got back from KLPAC, everyone seems so energetic!

Ehsan's Open House

Eid mood is still in the air. On October 11th 2008, all of the LCP family members were invited to Ehsan's Eid Open House Party, at Putrajaya. Me, Mr. Panpan, Away and Yuki got lost somewhere at Putrajaya. Huhuhu... And we missed Ehsan's Arrabiatha! (FYI, Ehsan is a real food lover and a great cook, too) Well, never mind that... Dunno what I should write here... Hmm... Thanx, Ehsan~!

Me and Mr. Nachimi...

Les' Copaque family members in the house. Go Green! Err... But how come Ehsan is not in this pix?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Potluck Bukit Jelutong 2008

Potluck? What's that? A pot filled with luck is it? Whatever... That was my first impression when I heard that word... On 9th October 2008 (Thursday), the Les' Copaque family members has decided to made a Potluck Party (Ape benda ni?) at Bukit Jelutong. Each one of us has to bring food and then we will share it together-What kind of definition is this?

Just to name few (there's a lot more actually):
Mumu - Lontong
Kak Ijan - Nasi Lemak
Yong Pin & Ee Jean - Ice-Cream
Safwan, Shafiq, Hasan & Idaman- Dominos Pizza
UNIKL - Nuggets & Fries
Faren - Fruits
Haris & Chikod - Drinks

We have sate and peanut gravy, secret recipe cakes, cakes, kuih raya, ayamas, and so much more! Yummy~!

After office hour, Hasan, Nachimi, Ee and I went to Giant to buy fries, nuggets, scallops (this is extremely delicious!-Hasan Pick), and sausages. After that, Hasan and I went to Dominos Pizza to purchase four Xtra Large NY crust Pizza. It's really huge, and I mean, really huge... 15"

Nachimi, Ee and Me in the kitchen. Feel free to visit Hahaha...

The best part of this event is cooking with friends. Honestly, I don't feel like I'm with my friends when they're around, they really make me feel like I am a part of the family. But Ee told me that you won't feel embarrassed when you're cooking with your friends, because they don't even know how to cook... Really Mr. Ee? Suddenly I felt like I'm one of the UNIKL students... Weird isn't it?

Happy faces all around... Smile!

Dah rentung! But still, it tastes real good... Yum, yum~!

Me and Hasan, enjoying the NY crust pizza.

All of the LCPeans love to eat so very much. Though I'm a newcomer around, (Baru lepas probation, hehehe...) but this company will always find a happy hour so that all of the LCP members could socialize and get to know each other well. And yes, more updates coming soon!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Raya...

Yeay~! Dah nak raya! Actually I should post this earlier than the Genting ones, but hehehe... This years raya is a bit lame for me. I didn't make ketupat and kuih raya. I'm so busy, I used to have a ketupat making marathon and weave 100 ketupats alone (I'm the only one who knows how to weave in my family). Every year, I used to make almond london cookies and give it to close friends and relatives. But not this year...

I arrived at home at 3:00 am in the morning (Monday). Thanx to Mr. Panpan, jasamu dikenang... Yawn... I'm so damn tired, to be honest, I'm a little homesick. Feels good to be home, but can't sleep well cuz I left "Happiness" in the office...


Morning Eid is the best. After Sembahyang Raya, we went to kubur, at home I had my breakfast. Yes, it's fried noodles and chocolate cake. My family didn't make any rendang, ketupat, lemang, dodol or anything this year. This is the very first time we celebrate Eid without Abang. Huhuhu...

After the bersalaman and duit raya session, all of us went back to Masjid Tanah, Melaka and the Segamat, Johor. Balik kampung~!

My Family, but abang is not in this pix...

Family Sebelah Ayah...

Family Sebelah Mama...

At Segamat, we had much fun. Ayah and I handle a quiz. I'm giving away free Upin&Ipin products for my cousins. They're so excited to win the pencil cases. Few questions here...

1. Namakan tiga negeri Malaysia yang tidak beraja.
2. Describe yourself in five sentences.
3. Apakah sistem pemerintahan negara Malaysia?

Can you answer it? Yes, that's how I celebrate Eid this year... Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Genting Trip

I'm pretty sure that most of us here are still in Raya mode. A few days ago, Anas phoned me and invite me to join an unofficial Genting Trip before Eid's holidays end. Huhuhu... Anas called me, I'm touched... Damn~! I'm so excited to have fun there!

8:00 am: Mumu come to my house and fetch me. All of us except Faizu had our breakfast at Section 13.

10:00 am (I guess, so): The Journey had just begun! Yeay!

12:00 noon: Cable car ride... I didn't know that Anas got Acrophobia
. I thought he was kidding and making weird and funny faces (like he used to, he's really good in acting). But he really freaked out... Sorry Anas... After a while in the cable car, he was okay then...

From left: Me, PanPan, Anas, Hasan, Faiz and Mumu.

2:00 pm: After the rain had stopped, we went to the outdoor theme park. (I don't want to mention about the 4D thingy here. Damn!) Our very first ride is the Space Shot! Anas, Faiz and Mumu were so scared of heights. I mean they really scared of heights. But I had a great time riding all of the thrill rides there... I had a hydrophobia, huhuhu...

Yeah, we're in London... The Double Decker bus is actually a restaurant.

Mission accomplished~! Flying Coaster is real awesome!

Hehehe... I passed the height measurement test! I'm 150cm! I can ride 'em all!

This lovely pix was taken by a Mr. Tall Clown around the Family rides area. It's foggy...

As conclusion... "We balik petang after a day of fun and awesomeness..."

Ramadhan is Coming & I Miss China So Bad!

Assalamualaikum and hello again guys, Terawih starts tonight and I always get an epiphany when Ramadhan is coming. It's 30th Syaaba...