Kak Ros vs. Me

Feuh... I just got back from Plaza Masalam, Shah Alam. It's really tiring, but I love the crowds, the die-hard fans and especially the supportive parents. Thank you for coming.

Let's get this straight... Are you Kak Ros? Yes, it's me. IdaMandarin is Kak Ros. I received many critiques on my voice acting. They said they prefer last year's Kak Ros. Huhuhuhu... Some of the kids even afraid of me during the event because they said Kak Ros is real scary. :'(

I'm still new in this voice acting thing, and still improving myself. Thanx to Auntie, Anas, Shafiq, and Saf (The audio team), now my acting had improve a lot. Thank you for giving me the all of the comments, I appreciate it much. I promise that I'll improve. Please don't hate Kak Ros, she's actually a nice and lovely girl... Remember to watch Upin & Ipin on the first day of Eid until the 6th day of Eid, 7pm, TV9. Betul, betul, betul...


BAMZ107 said…
You did great job as the voice of K.Ros.
IdaMandarin said…
than you so much bamz107~! ><

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