Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kak Ros vs. Me

Feuh... I just got back from Plaza Masalam, Shah Alam. It's really tiring, but I love the crowds, the die-hard fans and especially the supportive parents. Thank you for coming.

Let's get this straight... Are you Kak Ros? Yes, it's me. IdaMandarin is Kak Ros. I received many critiques on my voice acting. They said they prefer last year's Kak Ros. Huhuhuhu... Some of the kids even afraid of me during the event because they said Kak Ros is real scary. :'(

I'm still new in this voice acting thing, and still improving myself. Thanx to Auntie, Anas, Shafiq, and Saf (The audio team), now my acting had improve a lot. Thank you for giving me the all of the comments, I appreciate it much. I promise that I'll improve. Please don't hate Kak Ros, she's actually a nice and lovely girl... Remember to watch Upin & Ipin on the first day of Eid until the 6th day of Eid, 7pm, TV9. Betul, betul, betul...

Selamat Hari Raya~!

Done by Mr. Pop+Corn. Thanx a lot, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Maya made Cookie~!

Cookie Turn

Cookie Front Elevation

Cookie Rear Elevation

Cookie Back Elevation

My Maya made Cookie~! Hahaha... Your artwork reflects your ownself. And yes it is... This is my Maya made character, her name is Cookie. Cookie has a bunny obsession... She enjoys eating cookies, kuih raya, biscuits, and she wanted to be the famous cookie tester someday...

Special thanks to Miss Tan Shiek Wei (Ahwei), Mr. Faizu (PanPan), Mr. Faiz, and Mr. Safwan.

Web Photos

Ah yes, this blog have been abandoned for quite some time... Actually there are many interesting things happen inside the company. Please give me some time to update what's going on here.

Ok, few weeks ago, we had a photo web shoot for Upin&Ipin website. It's hilarious! Here are few pixes behind the scene.

1st Shot: Look how short I was, there's a wide space above me! Hidhir asked me to step closer to the camera to cover the empty space. Take a close look at my shoulder... Hahaha! Tak sama tinggi!

2nd Shot: Getting silly... I just don't know how to give a pose... Perhaps I was thinking too much... What a stupid Bunny ear pose...

3rd Shot: Grr... Tak garang pun...

FYI, I hate taking pictures. I have no particular reason, but I just hate it. Seeing my own face makes me feel awkward. I'm allergic to camera... My face looks awfully different in ID card, license, student ID card and passport. I still remember one of the airport guards at 白云飞机场 stop me and check my luggage because I look suspicious and different from my passport pix.

Damn! I think have to learn how to smile in front of the mirror... Huhuhu... Am not a photogenic type...

Ramadhan is Coming & I Miss China So Bad!

Assalamualaikum and hello again guys, Terawih starts tonight and I always get an epiphany when Ramadhan is coming. It's 30th Syaaba...