My Strawberry Moment

During the Cameron trip, we went to Strawberry Moment cafe. It's a unique cafe because they used strawberries as their main ingredients to make all of the yummy desserts. Here are few photos taken. Actually there's a lot of pictures, but I only placed few here. You should give it a try...

Chocolate Strawberry, besides strawberry, you can also dip anything you like in this yummy semi-sweet melt chocolate. Chocolate strawberry is not my favourite though, wonder why Datuk K and Datuk Siti love it so much??? Food of love? Nah~!

Strawberry Salad... I'm not sure how does it tastes like. It has strawberries, salads, raisins, tiny tomatoes and mayo (is that really mayo? I'm not sure).

I ordered Dark Angel. Chocolate shake (taste like Oreo), Whipped cream, semi-sweet melted chocolate and sliced strawberry.


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