BBQ Nite:)

Yesterday, (29 May 2008 should post this earlier) was such a blast~! My batch had the best BBQ ever. I didn’t know that our Dean can sing. Hehehe… Anyway, Budiman makes me instantly fell in love with the outdated Kerispatih song. His voice is awesome. I think (maybe) this would be the last time we would meet each other. So sad that Effa couldn’t be here to celebrate this. After this, Kak Ezra won’t be around (she’s going back to Miri, Sarawak), and Effa will spend her time at Ampang (not too far but maybe we’re both getting too busy to see each other). I’m gonna miss my friends especially the two of them. To be honest, I hate being an adult: so many responsibilities, so many bills to pay and yet so many things to manage so little time (career, bills-not to mention the PTPTN, money, assets, and relationship… Yikes~!) Can’t believe that I finally (unofficially) graduated from UiTM. I’m gonna miss so many things though… Huhuhu… UiTM dihatiku…


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