Friday, May 23, 2008

Deviantart Account

Types of Child Abuse

Ugly Duckling

Katak Bawah Tempurung

The Little Red Riding Hood

(There's more in my deviantart account, but mostly gives nasty comments. Hahaha)

I’ve just created my new deviant art account. I have deleted my previous account because someone accidentally humiliates me in that blog. Hahaha… So, my new deviant art URL is

So, these are my latest artworks. These items are for my final semesters project – GED 664 (Research Major II). My majoring is Advertising, however, some of the lecturers get confused with what I did. It looks more like illustration aite?

Can you simply understand the message delivered at a glance? My client is WAO Women’s Aid Organization-It’s a preventing child abuse campaign, and I’m using local and Western fables and fairytales as a metaphor. Some say it’s difficult to understand, but as for me, for those who did not understand are the ones who didn’t read much. Am I right? (Trivia: Malaysians only read 2 books a year)

Furthermore, one of my lecturers told me that it’s hard for children to understand the storytelling by using metaphors. Really? But I just don’t care what all the young lecturers said. Hahaha...

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