Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bank Negara Malaysia's 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coin Design Competition

Yesterday is the final entry for Bank Negara Malaysia's 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coin Design Competition. Yesterday, Faizol and I went to Bank Negara Malaysia to submit the design. This is the very first time I enter such place and we went to Sogo! I never have been there for quite sometime… (Let’s leave the Sogo topic shall we?) So, this is my design for the front and back design of the coin.
The back design of the coin.

The front design of the coin.
The requirements are easy, but to win is another question. Because the man at the mail center told us, Bank Negara Malaysia received 100 entries per day, sounds a bit impossible to win. I did it terribly… What more can I say, I am such a last minute person… I concentrate more on the front design than the back. I traced the Petronas Twin Tower and Putra Perdana Building. Thus, I added 5 bunga rayas (Hibiscus) represents 5 prime ministers of Malaysia.

That is part of the rationale. Actually, the coin I attached here is the altered ones; I am so envy with Faizol’s design and the coin colour. The gold coin was my idea but he came out with the rationale 50 tahun Jubli Emas. For the rationale attachment, I did it as if I did for thesis. Thanks to Pn. Nik for teaching me such a great way for my academic writing.

Have you ever tasted sorbet ice cream? Hahaha… I tasted one yesterday, oh, it tasted so good and yummy! I know that sorbet ice cream was so last century, but do forgive me. I enjoyed two scoops of Mango sorbet with Faizol. It is a bit costly but worth it. I never tasted any real fruit flavored ice cream with mango fiber in it. That’s how I enjoyed myself after struggling the whole day completing the coin design with scrumptious mango sorbet ice cream.

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