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Changing My Diet

Hello and how are you? I hope you are well. Because I'm not feeling that great lately.

I just got back from a check up. I suffered from skin hive lately and it was really hard for me to take this in.

What is skin hive anyway?
In my own words, skin hive is the red bump (or swollen) appear on your skin. Pretty similar to mosquito bite, but in larger forms. And it is itchy and irritating :(

Just imagine these covering your whole body... Pic source from webmd
I have a fever few days back (since last Wednesday if I can recall), and I was really sick. The doctor gave me antibiotics for a week and like a normal antibiotics routine, you have to complete it. After I consume the capsules after breakfast, nothing really happened. But later that night, I started to scratch my feet until my epidermis turns to red and bleeds a little. It is really painful.

I texted my family and let them know my condition. My brother ask me to completely stop consuming the capsules. Mama got worried because I n…

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