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SEA Games Opening Ceremony #kualalumpur2017

After having lunch at Akasia, Kak Yanti, Azie and I have to go back home and get ready for the SEA Games Opening Ceremony. Azie gave me two complimentary tickets few days back and it looks something like this...

The ticket is pretty. I'm keeping this as bookmark :)
Since my husband is busy with his animation training, I have to offer it to someone else who is available on that date. I asked Nana if she is free and she's excited too! We took MRT from TTDI and switch to LRT at Plaza Rakyat, and then straight to Bukit Jalil.

My first MRT experience! 
Hakok's family on their way...
When we arrive at Bukit Jalil, oh my... There are so many human beings here!!! (screams)

Insane right?
Us and Magik! Didn't know that he's a volunteer here :D
It's hot in here! It's not because they look fine... It really is hot...

Nana and I queued at the Entrance B line. The line is insanely long and if you are not comfortable standing, sweating and waiting, please don't come.…

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