Monday, January 2, 2017

Awesome Year!

Assalamualaikum and happy new year!

December is definitely my favourite month. Probably because this is the time where you actually look back throughout the whole year and just being grateful with what you have. Let's recap what I've done in 2015 and 2016.

I started off with 3km and now I can actually run half marathon.
I started off with Broga Hill and I conquered Mount Rinjani
I used to run alone, but now, I'm super glad to be part of #TeamProtonRunners
I start my academic journey with INTEC and now I had the chance to share my experience with the MA students!
I always love to attend talks and sharing sessions and now I'm a speaker.
I used to chase Yuna and Mocca for their gigs and my favourite writer Dr. Faisal Tehrani when I was in mid 20s. This habit stopped for a while and I can't believe I still have the adrenaline to spend sometime and meet these amazing people. This year, I had the chance to meet Mr. Boey CheeMing and Miss LangLeav.
Last but not least, I was so heartbroken last year and to be honest, I always have this silly idea that I wanted to get married before the age 30. But Allah has better plan for me, Alhamdulillah, I'm a happy wife today.

My #2015bestnine and my #2016bestnineon 10th December 2016

All of my best 2015 were taken after I choose to be healthy, choose to be positive and choose to be happy. There are things I wanted to achieve in 2015 and 2016 but I didn't. It's alright, just keep moving :)

Looking at these pictures, I strongly believes that I was on the right path. I have no idea what 2017 has to offer, but I'm ready for it! My advice to you, (and for myself of course)

1. No matter what, stay positive.
Shit happens, things may go wrong, but if you are positive, this is just a phase and it will be fine.

2. Time is not gold. Time is love.
Because you can buy gold but you cannot buy love. To be exact, Masa itu Nyawa.
Someone often tells me that age is just a number. Yes it is. However, life is really, really short. I was warded couple of times in 2015 and this makes me realize how important time is. Life is too short to be spending with the wrong people, too short not to live your life and your passion, and too short to realize before it was too late. Enjoy the moment, live for it.

Live your life to the fullest.

3. Family is everything.
I don't know how many parents out there would support their daughter's decision to quit the job and pursue MA full time. Would trust her silly, ambitious, and uncertain dreams. Would tell me it's alright to feel lost and heartbroken. I wouldn't be successful and happy without their doa and support.
I'm really happy to have positive friends around me. People who are crazy enough to push me to my limit when I don't even believe in myself. The crazy ones are the best, I'm really lucky and blessed.
And I don't know how many husbands out there would be positive enough to let his wife travel miles away just to follow her dreams. I'm happy that he allows to run to this day though. I couldn't ask for more.

My final #2015bestnine

I never thought that I could achieved all these in a year. Everything starts with a dream, action and commitment. So, there.

I wish you a great 2017 and may all your dreams come true!

P/S: I love me medals!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

UiTM Swimming Pool

Since most of the coaches of #TPR are feeling a little wee bit under the weather, I decided to go for a swim in UiTM! Yeay!

I went to UiTM swimming pool yesterday and my, the exterior looks so good. Unfortunately I didn't snap any photos because it was pretty dark. I'll probably update this later.

So if you are interested, please check the schedule here:

I purposely add a touch of cuteness to my custom swimming schedule v(>__<)v

UiTM Student - Free (You have to bring your student ID upon registration)
UiTM Staff - RM 3.00 per entry (Please purchase RM15.00 coupon)
Public - RM4.00 per entry (Please purchase RM20.00 coupon)
Children below 12 years old - RM1.00 per entry

The only complaints that I've been hearing is the price. It is a bit pricey but still cheaper than other places, huhuhu...

 This is how the coupon looks like. No expiry date

I haven't swim for such a long time and my shoulder is so sore because I struggled so much to swing my arm. Ugh. But this won't stop me!

I hope this information helps and see you on the next session! Wiwiwiwi~!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Current Obsession: Arabic Gum

Nampaknya dah terlalu lama tidak menulis. Nak kena rotan ni. Banyak betul post tertunggak, harap saya sempat qada semua huhuhu...

Baiklah, kali ini, saya ingin buat review tentang product saya baru cuba sejak beberapa hari lepas. Produk ini namanya Arabic Gum. Nama pun dah ada "gum" sudah pasti ianya melekit. Anda boleh mendapatkan produk ini di Mahnaz Shah Alam ataupun di mana-mana grosir yang menjual barang dari timur tengah. Harganya saya tidak pasti, kerana saya dapat dari seorang kawan.

Juga dikenali sebagai Acacia Gum kerana asalnya dari pohon acacia

Saya tidak berapa pasti bagaimana hendak melarutkan serbuk ini didalam minuman. Buat makluman semua, ianya tidak sesuai dengan air panas kerana dikhuatiri akan mematikan zat, tapi kalau terlalu sejuk pun tak kena juga. Ada tips yang saya jumpa di Google kata kena biarkan seketika kemudian kacau semula untuk pastikan ianya larut seluruhnya.

Rasanya ada sedikit aneh. Kalau orang yang tidak biasa dengan makanan ataupun minuman yang ada "after taste" yang terlalu kuat, saya sarankan jangan letak banyak sangat. Nanti rasa mual.

Khasiat yang terdapat dalam Arabic Gum terlalu banyak, kalau nak terangkan satu persatu memang berjelalah nanti entri ini. Kesimpulannya, ianya merupakan makanan tambahan yang amat baik dan bermanfaat untuk sistem pencernaan.

Kalau anda ke kedai yang menjual barang Art, akan jumpa Gum Arabic juga. Ianya benda yang sama, tapi dalam kegunaan yang lain. Ianya digunakan untuk warna air. Silalah Google, saya malas nak terangkan di sini hoho...
Jangan telan yang ini!

When I just got this, I was like: "I'm about to consume an art product and it will stays in my DNA!! " Ok, that's a little too dramatic :p

Selamat mencuba! ;)

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Makeup Journey 01: In2It Long Wearing Eyeshadow

Disclaimer: Nobody sponsored me to write about my running experience or try any product here. I purchased it and give my honest opinion.

I was planning to pick foundation for my very first entry but then I changed my mind. I decided to go with the oldest product I have in my makeup collection. So, I’d like you to meet my In2It Long Wearing Eye Colour Set in EQ 05 Venus. My first impression of the palette is it looks very “work appropriate”. Weight 4 grams, it comes with four beautiful shimmery warm brown shades and plus, with a double end applicator brush. But mine is gone…

Each colour is 1gram and it has a lot of product.

I tried to Google this product to find a more appropriate image but failed. Huhuhu… So here it is… FYI, I purposely clean up this palette just for this entry because previously, it looks old and dusty. I can’t remember when I actually purchased this. I have this as long as I can remember. 2008 I think?

Cleaning up the palette... Eww...

In2It is a very economic brand and you can easily get it in Watsons or probably in any drugstore. I’ve tried the foundation, blusher, bb cream and you may say that I was actually growing up using this brand (a lot). But of course, I’m using more of a better product these days (thanks to Sephora).

Slight shimmer...

However, it has no pigment, stain, colour, none whatsoever. It is really hard to apply and patchy. I swatch this on the back of my hand using my fingers and as you can see here, hmm… You probably can’t see anything. It has a lot of fall out.

To be honest, I have no knowledge of makeup back then, I just wanted a versatile everyday palette and I pick this up. Since it barely shows any pigmentation, I think it would suits all the muslimah girls out there. Very decent and if you have oily skin like me, don’t worry, the colour won’t last that long. It definitely will come off after few hours. Senang nak amik wudhu, you get me right? But still, please wash your makeup properly before perform solat ok?

Size: 1.8 x 2.5 x 0.5 inches

I know it is called “long wearing” but sadly it doesn’t do anything to me. It’s not really a bad thing for me because it retails at RM29.90 and that is really cheap. Just take a look at the economic acrylic case (packaging), it says a lot about the product. However, I really like the size. You can easily put it in your handbag.

So I think that is all. It has pros and cons but to me, it was an ok brand. I’m still using this to this day and I will finish this before moving on to the next palette. Can’t wait to share the next item. Wiwiwiwi~!

Moon, Prism, Power, Makeup! ;)

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Sewaktu saya bekerja dalam bidang animasi dahulu, tidak pernah sekali pun terdetik dalam hati untuk bermekap melainkan bila ada dinner ataupun acara perkahwinan. Tapi lepas dah jadi pensyarah dan consultant, saya merasakan mekap itu penting sebenarnya.

Kenapa pentingnya mekap? Hmm, susah nak jelaskan. Tapi zaman saya student dahulu, saya memang suka tengok penampilan pensyarah saya. Tanpa saya sedari, pensyarah yang berketerampilan secara tidak langsung buat pelajar rasa pentingnya imej dan bertambah semangat nak ke kelas. Hahaha!

Kalau dah nama pun consultant, penampilan diri memang tak perlu cakap banyaklah. Kalau muka pucat, client tengok pun rasa tak yakin. First impression itu amat penting. Malangnya saya mengambil masa yang lama untuk menyedari fakta ini.

 Pesta mekap bila bersama rakan-rakan yang gila Sephora :D

Definisi mekap pada saya ialah sekadar untuk menambah seri. Berbedak, sedikit pemerah pipi, pembayang mata, dan gincu. Kalau hendak menambah mascara ataupun bercelak apa salahnya. Lain orang lain ritual mekapnya, bergantung pada keperluan masing-masing.

Dulu saya punya persepsi negatif terhadap orang yang bermekap. Biasanya orang yang terlalu berhias ni tak solat. Jahat kan? Memandai je nak mensyurga dan menerakakan orang. Saya pun bukannya sempurna. Sekarang dah dewasa dan matang lebih banyak diam dari memekak. Pbbt~

Kalau dah cantik luar, dalam juga kenalah cantik. Saya harap entri mekap yang seterusnya akan membantu untuk berbelanja mekap dengan lebih bijak.

Jumpa lagi di entri akan datang!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Current Obsession: Kinohimitsu Superfood

"Drink up the rainbow, keep healthy!"

After consuming the Oat Bran powder for a month, I decided to switch to another product which I found couple of weeks back in Watsons. So this is the Kinohimitsu Superfood! Sounds like a superhero right? Teehehe...

I was attracted to the packaging at first benefits that it offers. Hehe... So here's how the product looks like.

Can you see how pretty the rainbow is? v(> - <)v

 I need 'em all!

The only downside of this product is there is no halal certification. They're probably still undergoing the halal cert process. For those who are concerned about this halal label and such, I advice you not to take this. But if you are like me, I don't think this should be a problem.

It is suitable for vegetarian, that's why I don't mind much ;)

Pale looking Milo. As you can see, there's a tiny bit of green colour floating on the surface. I assume that is spirulina...

It's quite tasty on it's own. I don't know how to describe the taste... Hmm... Macam keropok sayur but in a liquid form. Pretty odd isn't it? That's why I mix it with Milo. Personally, this is a lot better than the oat bran. You actually need skills to mix the oat bran powder in the water. You need the right water temperature, you need a little bit of love, and a lot of time. But this Superfood dissolve easily in the water and you can actually mix it with any juices or smoothies too!

I'm pretty satisfied with this product, however, I might switch to another product next month. Wiwiwiwi~!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Let's Swim!

After a long hiatus, UiTM swimming pool is back!

Besides running, I also love to swim. You may say that I'm pretty individual when it comes to sports. You need a team to play basketball, an opponent to play badminton or tennis. But running and swimming, you just need motivation. Of course you need proper gears but these two sports is all about competing against yourself. And I find it very challenging.

But wait, cycling is pretty individual too. That's why there is such a thing as triathlon. But cycling is such an expensive hobby. Meh...

Just a quick disclaimer, I'm not a good swimmer. I have hydrophobia and I'm terrified of water. The only stroke that I know is freestyle and I can't even float properly (and breathe properly). I mean, if I stop, I will definitely sink. Bloop, bloop, bloop!

I can't wait to swim again. Now where did I put all of my swimming gears...

I hope everything goes swimmingly well :D

Thursday, November 10, 2016

My Blog is Featured OnTixtac FB! :D

I might be late for couple of days, this may sound like I'm bragging but I just don't care, hehehe... #likeicare

I'm super duper excited when I see this... #tearsofjoy

It feels so good to write again! For some reason, this makes me feel worth to run and blog at the same time (you may wanna read the post here). Thank you so much Tixtac!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Lari Bersama SARC

SARC: Shah Alam Running Club

Buat pengetahuan anda semua, saya sememangnya tiada group lari. Rakan-rakan lari saya semuanya berada di Sarawak. Jadi saya lebih kerap berlari secara tiba-tiba bersama kumpulan lain. Selain dari #TPR , saya juga menumpang kasih dengan group #SARC

Coach Zul selalu akan memuat naik poster SARC di FB dan sesiapa sahaja dialu-alukan untuk memeriahkan lagi aktiviti berlari di malam hari. Jadi saya dengan tiba-tiba ingin berlari kerana kalau lari sendirian takut dikejar anjing huhuhu...

*Laluan masuk ke Dataran Shah Alam hanya akan dibuka selepas jam 10 malam, sekiranya anda nak datang, boleh masuk ikut laluan masjid dan park kereta di tepi-tepi jalan atau pun di sebelah pentas. Biasanya mereka akan tunggu dan berkumpul di situ. Senang je nak cam geng SARC ni, mereka semua nampak sangat fit dan mereka memang ada gaya pelari professional.

Sesi warm up sebelum mula lari...

Saya hanya ada kenal salah seorang sahaja team SARC iaitu Ecah sebab dia juga salah seorang warga #TeamProtonRunners. Ecah dewa kelajuan ini berlari dikalangan tokoh2 podium yang pecut dengan sangat laju dan konsisten. Beliau sendiri adalah tokoh podium, rasa segan woo~!

 Sebelum lari, memang akan bergambar beramai-ramai. Kalau dah berpeluh dan comot, memang turun saham hehe... Menurut Ecah, ni tak cukup ramai lagi sebenarnya. Attendance Xcukup penuh. Hohoho...

Terus terang saya ingin katakan, sayalah yang paling belakang sekiranya lari bersama mereka. Tetapi bagusnya sweeper sangat setia menemani dan sentiasa membakar semangat untuk terus berlari. Rasa terharu tiba-tiba. Harap lepas ni boleh tambah laju. #pacekurakura

Pit stop terakhir, KM ke-8, lepas buang air di McD huhuhu...

Mereka biasanya akan lari keliling bandar Shah Alam lebih kurang dalam 10km. Tapi adakalanya mereka pun akan tukar route sekali-sekala. Bergantung pada mood, cuaca dan siapa yang join lari kot?

Kalau anda berminat, boleh datang ke Dataran Shah Alam setiap hari Rabu, jam 9:00 malam. Mereka ini semua sangat mesra dan tidak kedekut ilmu lari. Marilah kita lari beramai2! Wiwiwiwi~!

*Laluan ditutup barangkali sebab tak nak orang bising berniaga atau buat bising di sekitar masjid barangkali. Hormatilah Shah Alam ya

Monday, October 31, 2016

Virtual Run : Check!

Mong2 peepo! :D

It's has been a critically busy week. Alhamdulillah, I'm still alive and running here and there. Hehehe... I'd like to share another achievement unlock this year... Virtual Run! Yeay!

What is virtual run? One may ask... Well, to me, virtual run is an invisible running event, no bib, no race pack. All you have to do is run and submit your running proof to the organizer. As simple as that. (Of course, you have to pay, ahaks)

Can't wait to run for 1 Malaysia, weehoo~!

To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't register if it's not because of the medal. Why would you pay for no reason right? Let me show you how to do a virtual run!

It's pretty easy!

Step 1: Register your run here and select your medal.
Step 2: Go out and run or walk
Step 3: Print screen your running proof (may it be any snapshot from running apps such as Nike+, Strava, Fitbit, Garmin, etc), and upload it here
Step 4: Wait patiently for your medal :D (you may check your delivery code here)

This is a snapshot from my mobile phone. As you can see here, one medal is RM 25.20 (normal rate is RM28) and you have to pay RM 7.66 (flat rate) for the shipping fee and RM2.86 for the transaction fee. So the total would be RM35.72

I received these last week while I was still in Terengganu. Just look at these adorable medals! #hobenjanghoben and #luaskankuasamu

I choose to run for Negeri Sembilan first because obviously I'm from Seremban. And my second 10km is for Johor, because my mom is from Segamat Johor. Next, I'll be running for Melaka because my dad is from Melaka, Selangor just because my husband is from Selangor and Sarawak definitely because I've been to Sarawak. Who cares, you just need a reason to run right? Hehehe...

Personally, I don't have any problems with Tixtac Malaysia so far. I've seen people leaving comments informing they have not receive their medal yet. You know people, we live in Malaysia, sometimes you just have to be extra patient. Please read and understand the terms and conditions because it is extremely crucial! Customer is always right, yeah I know that, but don't be an ignorant customer. This to avoid misunderstanding.

I made my first purchase on 19th October 2016 and submitted my running proof on the same day #tazabaa I receive my medal last week around 26th - 28th October 2016. I was in Terengganu at that time, my husband collect the parcel but he didn't open it. So yeah, it takes less than 14 days for them deliver the medal after the submission. 

Just to be clear, I tried to check my delivery code after I submitted my running proof. Sadly I couldn't find it. It's really difficult. However, I choose not to contact them because I know the process is time consuming and the probably need more time to pack everything. If you have any problems, you may check their FB to leave any comments and they'll reply it asap. 

Overall, it was fun and I love collecting medals. I highly recommend this organizer :)

Ok what's next? I'm thinking to do a trail run again...